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So it's been a while.

I decided to make some life changes that I would like to call, life "torks". So I just dove into it. I don't know if you all know that I am also a Dental Assistant and I decided to challenge my skills with #orthodontics. A challenge that was unexpected for me.
 I like to say that I take pride in my clinical skills, well... I was humbled. I was put in my place. It was something very different and sometimes very familiar to me. Regardless I LEARNED A LOT! I did okay, but I can not say my very best...and that's okay.

I made it, it took a bit but I made it. I passed the clinical portion. 
Tomorrow will be the defining day. I have to admit, this waiting has been like this...
 little bursts of anxiety daily. Like a roller coaster on good days. 

ANGELS. GODS. with me. 

My aunt, who lives in Las Vegas died. 
She was one of my favourite aunts, but I'm not sure if she really knew that. :( 

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