Monday, August 30, 2010

Daily Blog (pm)

Wanting to run into a brick wall, I forgot to bring my camera to the dog park...again! Everytime I bring my camera there, no ones around, and tonight the most beautiful woman who represents style the way I would present myself was there! She had that Bettie Page jet black hair, fitted vintage white tee with red detail, so fitted that it exposed a bit of her rock hard abs. Cropped jeans and sandals. Her body was tatooed acceptably and her make up was minimal. She was so hot and can work that look to a "T". I know she would have let me take her picture because we had something in common (our dogs).
If you are wanting a change and have long hair, I would definately try the cropped bangs with pin straight hair. Not only is it sexy, it's edgy and it's a look that would catch anyones eye. Anything designed by Bestsy Johnson or Heatherette, (which is no longer in production ), would work with this hair style.
This is my eye and you don't have to agree, I just love it! I know it's not for everyone but if you're in your late teens, 20"s, 30's and even 40's it just might work.

Daily Post (am)

There has been speculation as to why I photograph mostly men. Well I find that easy to answer. Women don't like to get photographed as much as their counterparts. It's frustrating for me. I find women beautiful, therefore, I find myself more picky in choosing a woman on the street to photograph. I have seen many and all say "no". Maybe I scare them or maybe an attitude is in order. Who knows?
Luckily I am able to accept the rejection and have found a way to not get angry or frustrated. I always compliment them after the rejection in hopes to change their minds. I now have to shoot women I know personally. It seems to be the only way. For all those beautiful women out there who happen to come across my blog, please say "yes". Remember it's a compliment, a huge one! I work in womens fashion and only read womens publications and have a true understanding in that demographic of fashion. I believe I know what looks good and can sense a personal style which stands out.
Give me that chance...pleeeeese!

Future Model

Meet Yasmeen, the future super model of the world! Such a cute outfit for this half Filipino, quarter Croatian, quarter Persian little girl. She is my second cousin. Yasmeens parents bought her Harley Davidson print baby doll top in Chicago designed by Lola and James. Layered with a white tank and wearing skinny's from H&M totally expresses her silly and funny personality. She struck this pose on her own.That's the kind of girl she is. This is how you can dress your child with an edgy but cute way. She's such a ham!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Best Friends

These two bought me the Cho tickets.  I just love them and they always look good and know how to wear clothes that complement their bodies.  They're hot aren't they?  Love you guys and thank you!

Friends For Life

Known these guys forever, always fashion forward.  I especially like the white tee and sport coat with jeans look.  I appreciate the fact that he chose a brown belt where others would choose a black belt.  This goes to show personal style.  His partner had a popular look that suited his personality.  I like that he chose to untuck his shirt in order to make his look more casual even in dress shoes.

Group Shot

Also Cho fans, I couldn't help but approach them because of their enthusiasm.  While each of them had a different look, each had their own personal style.  We've got the casual fitted polo with skinny jeans, the girl was cute with her red scarf, loose tee, skinny black jeans and brown boots, wearing her hair up which complemented her body type. Then we have the preppy look, complete with white pants for the final days of summer.  The tall Filipino guy looked superb, complete with a sweater tied around his neck.  A polished look!

American Apparel

While waiting for Margaret Cho to begin, these two caught my eye.  The gentleman on the right looks like an American Apparel employee.  I admire his choice of mint green oxford shirt with purple cardigan and grey skinny's.  I can really appreciate the nerd look if well suited.  He did it well.  The other gentleman was wearing plaid and I love plaid.  His black skinny jeans and grey sneakers finished a casual look that screamed comfort.

Dolce and Gabbana

These obviously fashion conscious men impressed me. I admired their personal style and calm demeanour when asked for their picture. If only I can dress this well at special occasions or on a regular basis. I should have asked for some brand names but I had to get in the theatre as the show was about to begin. Anyways my point is this. You can be trendy withought being abnoxious. This is how it's done. Very age appropriate, ( no offense). Some of us 40+ people can sometimes dress too young with trendy outfits. Be careful!

Daily Post

Went to Margaret Cho last night and my face still hurts. I had a fabulous time! I was a little concerned with her outfit. Her top was nice, very flattering for her body type, but her right leg of her jean shorts kept bugging me. It was unrolled and the other leg wasn't. Was that on purpose?  
This was for sure an opportunity to get some shots and I did for the most part. I don't understand why women who dress so well hate getting their photos taken! There was one in particular so polished decked completely in designer clothes and obviously had money. I couldn't keep my eyes off her stilhetto's and Chanel purse. She was kind though which made the rejection less disappointing.
So, I have a few pics to share. I hope you enjoy them.

A special thank you to Drew and his boyfriend (OMG), forgot his name?!.(sorry), thanks for the tickets.
Love you guys very much and am truly grateful.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Here's a man who isn't afraid to mix patterns. Success! I say it a lot, but I LOVED this outfit. He looks so well styled and such remarkable choices! It's a risk to wear a printed T with lines and a striped cardigan, but it so works for him. Not West Coast to me. It seemed more like an outfit that would be seen on the streets of  Europe.

Film Crew?

Caught this man working outside of the art gallery. I think he worked for some film crew. Anyways, nice guy and I liked how he wore a hoodie under a flannel shirt, skinny's and Vans. You have to be careful when layering  because it can get bulky. I actually should have fixed it a bit because there seems to be some bulk there, but really there wasn't. It's just the photo. My bad. Still... great look!


Decked out in her Covet sweater in a beatiful sage clour paired with a fitted brown v-neck t-shirt, straight leg jeans and the cutes flats. She can work flats because she's like, 5'9". Love the doo!
I love this woman. This ensemble represents the softer side of her crazy fun personality!

Me Again

The graffiti art inspired me to get a photo of myself by it. I pass this street all the time so I asked my friend to take a photo of me. Yucky rainy day but it allowed mw to wear my new trench from H&M. My jeans are Energy, (I almost never leave home without them). Nike high tops and fitted plaid shirt, also from H&M. Dirt cheap outfit. I like cheap, but I'm not cheap, maybe frugal, but I always love a good bargain.

Morning Glory

Just about ready to get his morning coffee, he graciously allowed me to photograph him. I admired the fact that he just woke up and still managed to put together a hip oufit. Loving the cropped pants with high top sneakers black zip up and touque. This shows to me that this guy has a sense of style because all he wanted to do was get his coffee.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Daily Post

Well it feels like fall has arrived. I'm a huge fan of fall for it's fashion alone. It brings out all my favorites, sweaters, layering, scarves, hats and boots, and I can keep going on. I love the darker colours with colour accenting by accessorizing. Like if you were wearing mostly grey or black, pairing it with a coloured or printed scarf, hat and sometimes shoes always works.
Autumn brings a spirit of joy for me because I get motivated to dress well. My friends and collegues would also agree.
 So let's see what the city has to  present as far as personal styling is concerned. Have fun with it and try not to look so stuffy.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Real Woman

My friend, Myrna. This beautiful woman inside and out knows her body well. She chose to wear this Zara paisley print silky top with black leggings and fancy flip flops. A comfortable cool outfit for a nice warm summer night.

Sexy Cool.

I wanted to photograph him the way I spotted him...texting. Dressed in summer comfort and style. His polo cotton fitted shirt is made by Energy, Gap cargo shorts, Diesel carrier bag, accessorized with Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses. He obviously knows his labels.

The Hottie

Another great friend at a barbecue. His black pixeled wolf t-shirt is so cool and edgy along with his cut off black denim shorts both purchased at Winners. Lucky guy because I can never find anything there for me and we share the same size! Nice guy with an awesome sense of style without compromising comfort.

Daily Post

So I was watching Miss Universe and couldn't help but notice how the contestants and style has been changing into a fashion show. They walk like models and most look like models. I'm proud of Miss Phililippines even though her answer was plain stupid...hate that word. Miss Mexico deserved that title.
Did you notice that a lot can pass as Victoria Secret models?
I like pageants, I always have even when I was a kid. I used to tally up the scores with my sister. It was a fun event in the Escobar home. I congratulate Miss Philippines for making it that far being a proud Canadian Filipino.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Casual Man

My good friend. We had brunch and I asked if I can take his picture for a casual look. Perfect fitting faded straight leg Levis, cool detailed belt and casual long sleeved jersey top. His canvas bag, which he takes everywhere, was a nice finish to a comfortable look.

Goin' Back to Cali

On my way home I saw him getting a picture from his girlfriend so I asked if I can. He gladly said yes. I just loved his look. Great placement of hair under his touque. Plain baggy t-shirt skinny black denim and a pair of Vans. I wanted the shot with his bike because it completed his look.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Miss Sexy

This is what my cousin wore to the wedding. Gorgeous! Dress by Laila Azahar and shoes by Elie Tahari. Well accessorized without overshadowing the cobalt blue strapless dress.

My Older Sister

Introducing my older sister, well, she's only two years older. this dress is also from Club Monaco. This dress is flattering for a woman who has two children and need to hide a little sumpin' sumpin' ( we don't like to talk about it ). That's her Marc Jacobs bag that she never leaves home without. Ultimately, it's the kind of bag that can be worn with anything. A smart purchase. If you invest in a piece with a ridiculously high price point it should be versatile...for the most part.

L'il Sis

My beautiful little sister, Audrey. She looked great at the wedding I went to so I had to photograph her. Her dress is Esprit, necklace from Bananna Republic and her shoes are from Kinsgate! They were dirt cheap but she loved them. I loved them too. They had a red alligator texture and wood heels. this look comlimented her fun personality. She's embarassed by the shoes but I think it's funny and important. You never know where you might find gold...even if there el cheapo!

Cool and Hip

On my way to a wedding I ran into this cool guy at the skytrain station. The weather was a bit nippy which made the touque appropriate and being summer paired the shorts and jacket well. His personal style reflected a sense of connection to fashion in a way of not having to plan it out. Loved his shoes as I am a huge fan of the runners. All in all cool, hip with an edge.

After thought...

To the lesbian fashionistas. You wear it well! All my lesbian friends and acquiantances who enjoy fashion really know style. They're simple and clean. Never over done...just perfect to what I believe in.

Daily Posting

I've been noticing a trend. Lately I've been noticing that the new heterosexual men, or shall I say, "metrosexuals", are dressing much better than the homosexuals. I mean the gays have always been stylish but nowadays they seem to go over the top. I don't know if they watch too much Fashion Television or copy outfits straight out of magazines, but there seems to be too much thought. They have to remember that just because the people on television in fashion are " in the industry", that it is ok that they dress that way. I believe it's not ok for street wear or every day wear, for that matter.
The men I've seen who are definately straight can carry themselves well with their cardigans and loose t-shitrs with skinnys or baggy jeans and mocacasins, flip flops or boots. Simple loose t's or fitted shirts and jeans or casual tapered slacks with driver hats or even a baseball caps and sunglasses look more polished and fresh. Less is more and I can't say that any really is.
Maybe their girlfriends infuence their style. Who knows? But it's refreshing.
I believe couture is not to be worn on the streets. Leave it for special occasions and functions. Don't get me wrong, us homosexuals can and do dress well but there is a new abundance of excessiveness.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Daily Post

Love was definately in the air last night. My cousin Marreied a beautiful woman and I welcome her with open arms in our family. The recepton was held at the Tea House in Stanley park, a perfect setting for a room filled with an abundance of geourgeous women. I really never noticed how many gorgeous ladies there are in my life.
 I wanted to kill myself for forgetting my camera for the dance later held at a local community center later that evening. So many well dressed people, surprisingly enough more well dressed men. Well thought out outfits that represented they're personalities and they knew how to dress for a nippy evening. Cardigans casual T's with cotton skinny pants (obviously I'm a big fan of those), wicked shoes all around, men and women. I'll know next time to always make sure camera is always in hand because you just never know...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Daily Note

While walking around town today I noticed there are a lot of men who wear white track suits with white runners or black t shirts with black track pants with white Puma runners or mostly white runners with a bit of black detailing. Why? I think that look is so unattractive and very common especially in the east end. It's a big turn off for me. It screams lack of originality or personal style.
There are other ways to dress appropriately for the gym or, if they're just hanging out. Try a hoodie and long basketball shorts or gym shorts or even track pants that don't match so perfectly.
I just wanted to share that pet peeve of mine. It's a "macho" look that doesn't work for me.

Sorry guys...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Popular Boy

The most popular guy with the girls at work. I love his style always. His personal style mostly caters to the skater variety. I know he's a big fan of the store Livestock in Gastown. He always looks good because it's truly his personality. Also a soft spoken gentle giant who is half Greek and half Filipino. Nice mix.

Nice Summer Boy

The nicest guy I work with. He's so sweet and could put together outfits that work so well to his personality. I love this summer look especially his moccasins.

Me and my Sister

Just a picture of me and my younger sister. Isn't she gorgeous? I love her to death. Her top she bought second hand, and an H&M jacket.Boots from Aldo. This shirt had fabulous buttons and a fluid texture.

Monday, August 16, 2010


My cousin's Balenciaga bag.  Anyone who can afford it should own Balenciaga.

Fashionable Couple

I met this couple on Granville Street. I actually really wanted to photograph the gentleman because his look is what caught my eye. I think wearing yellow jeans is very brave and daring. I really respect that when people make these choices.

Lady in Black

This girl was with a friend but I felt bad not including her in the photo so I had to crop her out because I really just wanted the lady in black. I loved how she carried a demure energy yet she was all in black! She looked great and she was so sweet. Loved the hooded jacket.


As I approached him he looked like I was going to attack him. It was kind of funny. I took his photo because I would wear this outfit. Unfortuneately, I believe his shirt wasn't flattering for him but the outfit in general was polished.

Clean and conservative

I met this guy in Yaletown. I absolutely loved his personal style head to toe. Well accessorized. He wanted to know my name. Again a friendly person. I think he was of German decent because of his accent.

My Friend

This is my friend. I bumped into him in my neighbourhood. He works in the industry himself. He really didn't want me to take his photo but I convinced him. He's a good looking guy and always can put togther an outfit appropriately. I chose to photograph him to show how casual is cool. Don't you agree?

The Blogger

It was funny when I introduced myself only to discover he had a fashion blog himself. ( I'm sorry I really can't remember his blog ). I would DEFINATELY wear this outfit. It's comfortable clean and I loved his shoes! I'm a big shoe guy. I insisted he had his dog in the picture because I love dogs.

Chie Mihara Shoes

Chie Mihara shoes worn by my stylish cousin. I truly admire everything she wears! It's always high end but the outfits can easily be mirrored at a more affordable way.

My Sisters Heels

My sister found these shoes for dirt cheap! I think they were like, $40 or less. I like the detail on the toe. It really flatters legs of any length or size. Coupled with a dress or skinny's this is a perfect stilletto. Goes to show you don't always have to pay to stand out.

Marc Jacobs Tote

My sisters Marc jacobs Folding tote. She never leaves home without it.

The Happy Guy

This character had so much energy calling me, "honey", and "darling". Funny guy. Had a good laugh. I had to photograph him. He was full on designer clothing and accessories head to toe. Louis Vouitton hand bag Energy Jeans Energy high tops and I don't know what jacket or hat but he definately stood out. We ended the shoot with a peck on the cheek! Ok?!

The Gentle Biker Boy

Saw this guy at my Dr.'s office. Very kind soft spoken guy but dressed like a biker. I like the contrast leather and denim with someone who presents himself as a little lammy lamb.

Little Girl and Boy

My second cousins. Aren't they cute. They're quarter Persian, quarter Croatian and half Filipino. The little girls denim jump suit has a harem detail to it. Love it. So cute.

Silent Korean girl

She didn't say a word. She just handed her boyfriend her cigarette and stood still. Awkward. Anyway sexy cropped leather biker jacket matched with her layered tank top and silver leggings was such a polished look. You will see her sandals in another photo. Crazy cool!


My cousin, Elle. The girl I admire. This is one of her fashion get up's. Chie Mihara shoes and Wilfred belt and there's that Balenciaga bag! This girl can really put together a cool and sexy look and she a mother of two!

The Student

Just a simple casual outfit that I thought looked good. He felt comfortable in his outfit and it's simple. By just adding the sunglasses made this outfit complete.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Sandals!

These are the sandals that the Korean girl was wearing. Fierce!

The Artist

Met her on my way to work early in the morning. Her leggings had a shimmer to it and the scarf and sunglasses completed the look. She looks like an artist to me...that's all.

Bad Boy

A very good friend of mine with sometimes an odd sense of style. This one worked though. I like how the lower half is casual and the upper half is on the dressy side. Very sexy.


I thought I'd throw this look in for those who like to dress on the conservative clean side. Not really my cup of tea but she put it together well. something you can wear to the office maybe?

Party Boy

I took a deep breath and faced Granville Street on a Friday night. He was with a group of guys and I dared myself to pull him away from his posse and asked him for a photo. He was surprisingly super enthusiastic and kindly stood there. Again, simple V neck T, rolled up jeans and really cool shoes that looked like they were once his fathers.

Skater Boy

Great look for the younger generation. The colour of the hoodie  denim tapered jeans, cotton sneakers and that hair! He was cool and shy and felt a bit uncomfortable, but it turned out nice. He liked it.


I thought this guy was a girl. He was obviously a foreigner, hence the luggage, and that he couldn't speak a word of english. I was trying to compliment his look. I wanted to know where he got that tank top. It's awsome although, I can see it worn on a girl as a dress. It was quite long but he cautiously crunched it up. Lot's of color that worked perfectly.

Laaayed Back

Layed back cool dude. The hat complimented a rather traditonal Vancouverite outfit. I love my plaid and his look definately suited his persona.

The Shopper

She loved that I asked to take her photo. I know that's an H&M cardigan top and it worked with the leggings. Very casual and comfortable like her Birkenstock- like gldiator sandals.

Tough ChicK

Her t-shirt was so cool. I wanted it and I like how she wore a vest with it. Cool belt with her Diesel jeans and brown boots.


I love skinny jeans so I had to photograph him. I would wear this but I wouldn't wear white shoes. I'm not big on white runners or white shoes for guys, but that's just me.

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