Thursday, September 30, 2010

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Vancouver Community College Grad Fashion Show 2010

So last night I attended the show. I was excited and surprised how perfect of a venue the Rocky Mountaineer Station was. Huge! I brought my good friend and up and coming photographer, Rob, with me. Luckily he had an SLR. My purpose for attending was to see if there were any new up and coming designers for next years Fashion Week and did a little schmoozing. I was surprised to see the designers portfolios on tables for people to paw on at their own will. I would NEVER let that happen if I were the designer. That's GOLD and should be kept for the designer to keep in preteen condition. Anyways, it was a free for all!?
 I ran into an former instructor of mine while attended V.C.C. for dental assisting in the late ninety's. She got Rob and I front row seats right along the catwalk, right where the model would strike their fourth pose. F'ing hilarious. We felt like Perez Hilton at some prestigious fashion show, or in this case we wished. So Rob took the photos while I took notes( not easy). It was fun.
Unfortunately I only had a few favourites and only one that stood out. Blake Hyland.
His rendition of ,what I call, "Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome" meets Alexander McQueen-ish collection was spectacular. The only collection that looked complete and professional, not to mention fashionable, edgy and sexy from head to toe. I absolutely loved it! Others by designer Nicole Mergaert, Ho-Chi Huang,, Madeleine Scrutton,, Quito Quinn, ,and Lenah Hamah,, had some great pieces and Hsuan-Ching Hung,, had a fabulous evening gown, but it was all about Blake Hyland who won the Outstanding Mentioned Award that stole the show.
Otherwise, I had a great time and got to hang with a good friend with a talent for photography. I would have not been able to do my job without him. Thanks, Rob.
He'll be sending me the photographs as soon as he edits them, so come back to see the collections.


It's fun to play around with your wardrobe. Many people think they have nothing to wear when, in fact, there is a whole collection in your closet. It's all in imagination and creativity. Do a little mix and matching like this guy did and look what became of it. A very stylish look that exudes personal style that is very up to date, hip and fashionable. Everything he is wearing is all a mixture of pieces found in his closet. You don't have to shop for new clothes all the time, unless you have a special function to attend and you need that perfect dress or perfect suit and so on. You  may just be surprised that you have a fabulous outfit ready to be seen that is a stand out, right in front of your face!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Office Chic...not chick!

Fantastic fashion forward outfit for the office. Her tuxedo-like dress shirt layered with a scoop neck fitted sweater with a little puffiness on the shoulder adds detail to her crisp and polished look. A perfect length of skirt, black nylons, black pattened leather pumps and black bag presents confidence and power while being modern and fashion forward. The only comment I have is that she may have chosen to wear a less revealing pair of earrings, like a pair of baggets or something smaller in size, but it still looks good. :)

Style with Comfort

This kind  lady wearing a kurta-ish top with leggings cute ankle boots and pork pie hat expresses her sweet spoken gentle personality.

H&M New Promotions

H& M has a fantastic and ,", Oh so chic line out right now", called , "By Night". Fabulous dresses for the evening, very fashion forward , chic  and sexy, of course. You must check it out at our Vancouver location.
Also, beginning on Friday, we begin our new campaign called 10 for 10 for 10. It will be featuring one garment a day for10 days for $10 off,. You must check it it out. You'll see the, "By night", dresses there as well. They're beautiful and always affordable.

Check out our website at h& for more details.
Remember that Lanvin will be our next featured guest line so keep an eye out for that.

Monday, September 27, 2010


I found this look quite interesting. this beautiful woman named, Ona, is originally from the Middle East and is in town studying holistic medicine. A former model, she definitely expressed personal style. She looked like someone from New York or Paris, London...definitely not West Coast and that is why I had to photograph her. I appreciate those who challenge fashion etiquette.

Denim Chic

The Starbucks at Georgia and Burrard always seem to have beautiful people in there everytime I go. I met this well dressed man there. I loved how he looked very professional in denim. Fabulous. The tie and fitted black dress shirt looked very chic. He had a rather large cuff at the bottom of his jeans which I think is ok if you're tall and he was like, 6'2"? All in all he looked polished and refined.

Daily reminder

Lately my life has been filled with fashion, arts, acting and more fashion. The only element of fashion that I just can't stand but have to endure is the pretentious ambiance it acquires. Like I have always said, I hate anything pretentious yet everything I do, pretty much is.
I woke up this morning and picked up my daily Metro and 24 papers only to be shocked and reminded of what is going on around my surreal life. I believe we have to remember that there's more to life than materialistic obsessions. I have to ground myself at times and be present and keep in check that our world is in turmoil.
I give my sincere condolences to the family of Laura Szendrei, who was killed by a senseless attack in a park by basically children. She was only 15. All the bullying going on in high schools is devastating. I was bullied as a child and I know how degrading, debilitating and painful it feels. Not to mention the struggle to keep self esteem and love and kindness in check. Why? What has happened to humanity that we have to do these horrible things to others just to feel power or self worth?
Anyways, I'm struck with empathy and dispair.I almost feel guilty trying so hard to immerse my self in an industry based on physicality alone...for the most part, while others lose their lives because of how they look, how they talk and how they dress.  :(

May God bless those in pain, in need and in grief. I'm so sorry.

Thank you.

Reluctant to get his photo taken, this fashion forward couple presented themselves with true personal style. My eyes first caught the gentleman's outfit though. I like that artist look. He had a that modern grunge look. Loose faded jeans, hoodie, casual parka and accessorised with a toque and classic frames makes up for a care free spirit. Can't go wrong with that.


Meet my second cousin, Tyson. This little pituty is Michael Buble's biggest fan. You should hear this young man's voice! Very talented Tyson is wearing a a navy cardigan with notched collar and straight leg jeans with a simple long sleeved white tee.
So fresh and so clean.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Who's this sexy man?

Dressed to get any girl he wants is my good friend, Rob. Ran into him, thank God, on my way home. Always looking chic, he definitely came through with the goods. Fantastic pea/military coat with a simple sweatshirt, perfectly suited jeans and , of course, sick kicks. Looks like a celebrity. He knows you don't have to doll up to look modern and fresh. he's smoking...that's ok, 'cause he's smokin'!

Domo Ari Ga To

I don't know what it is with the Japanese but they put all these prints and colours together and it still seems to work. Maybe it's because of the attitude they carry. Most people would probably wonder why I chose to post them, but I can easily answer with, "because I think they look great".  I love that they break every rule possible when it comes to fashion. It's their character that brings out style. Permed hair, coloured , straightened, shaved, long and short. Animated people is what they are to me, and I personally loooove it. That would be Mr.Robato on the right end.

Style for Style

I work with this beautiful girl and she finally let me photograph her with her boyfriend. I just thought they looked great. This was the first time I got to meet her boyfriend ,who she talks about a lot. I believe his styling is done by Nara herself. Can't go wrong  with a cardigan over a plaid shirt. Untucked gives it a casual easy going look. Tapered jeans, black shoes and a canvas bag shows that the man has a sense of style.
Nara, she's just so cute.Wearing her outside gear is simple. All looks great and fashionable and it's the scarf and, of course the hair and face, that illustrates a stylish outfit.

Friday, September 24, 2010


A very simple jumper, skinny jeans and sneakers makes up for a stylish up to date comfortable look. This proves you don't need to get all super trendy with designer labels to look modern. Clean, crisp and comfortable. Simplicity can equal chic.

Thank you

Thank you fashion lovers. I appreciate all your comments. It always puts a
smile to my face. Be critical if need be. Don't worry I can take it. Not everyone's going to agree.

With all sincerity,

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Daily Post

I love the way men's fashion finally giving us more options. No more polo shits and jeans, chinos, sweaters dress shirts and button up shirts..blah, blah, blah....
These days we are more modern and clean and trendy and we can wear, what others may find feminine, fashion forward clothing. Tailored suits with loose tees, harem pants, shirts with scarves made of the same material,(usually cotton), sewn to the shirt allowing you to wrap it around your neck. A personal favourite of mine. Denim sport coats, sneakers with suits, thin ties, tapered slacks, dressy hoodies, the bow tie and cardigans and slashes of colour.
We can  wear dress clothes with casual slacks. Baggy jeans, skinny jeans, and straight leg jeans, coats with high collars with belts adding detail to the neck area.
Love it. It's about time! I'm talking ready to wear, by the way. We have choices now. We have different looks like our counterparts. There is no reason to be generic anymore. Play around with you're wardrobe because we can, and always remember to dress your age and dress appropriately to the weather conditions. Get rid of the white pants and no flip flops on a rainy day. In fact the weather is changing. It's much colder. The flip flops might have to be put away for now.

Comfort and Casual

This cutie pie presents a nice comfortable but fashion conscious look. Just a simple button less cardigan over a tee shirt with jeans and simple sandals also is appropriate for our Vancouver summer day. Can't miss that Gucci purse!

THe Perfect Summer Sweater

This sweater made by Haute Hippie
is not only attractive and fashion forward but functional especially for a cooler summer night. Worn with a tee or even a tank top and jeans compliment this sleeveless sweater with a cropped back and pockets on either side. I especially like how the front drapes. Adding that trendy modern look.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Daily Note

For the gentleman out there. I have some advice when purchasing a suit. Have it tailored...please. It makes a less expensive suit look expensive and it looks cleaner and sexier. It creates a sharp, crisp and clean modern look. The same goes for dress shirts or even casual button up shirts, plaid ones too. If you can afford it, get it tailored. Get with the times. It's time for us men to look good and fashion forward. We don't have as many options as our counterparts, so let's alter what we have to work with and make the choice to look good. You'll be surprised.

A Man of Style

Dressed on a cooler evening, this gentleman chose an outfit I would wear in a heart beat, if I had the cash. I know they were all designer clothes. You can tell by the construction and quality. The Jacket, which I loooove, looks fabulous layered with a zip up to keep warm. Fantastic jeans and chic dress shoes pulls together a modern fashionable outfit. Magnifico!

Lovely Couple

Wearing the "Canadian tuxedo", (denim on denim), with a longer black tee sneaking underneath, with jeans, of course and cute Vans is a favourite look for me. I often get made fun of at work for pulling off that same outfit. I love it!
The gentleman wearing the plaid, which we all know I'm a fan of with skinny's and smart brown shoes with a zip up is a popular look in the west coast. It's screams comfort with a sense of style.
Both loving their hair styles. I especially like the cute pixie-like style with the cute curls.


One of the kindest person alive. Troy decided to take advantage of one of he last days of summer in his casual and simple summer get up. Clean and fresh, just like he smells. Wearing a simple polo shirt from Bananna Repulic and cargo shorts with sneakers you can never go wrong. Very simple.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Office

This handsome man looked fantastic in his tailored suit and crisp white shirt. His great smile reflected his kind personality. Simple yet fashionable. Sometimes you don't have to wear a tie to work a suit.

Cute Couple

I love it when men wear harem pants. It shows confidence and personal style. The girl was so pretty and cute, well accessorised and the boots added a chic look. The shorts were perfect on a cool sunny day because she balanced the outfit with a light jacket, scarf and well suited touque. The gentleman's outfit seemed like a sporty version of a Yoji Yamamoto creation.

Hard Rock

Again you can't go wrong with black. I chose to photograph this couple because I thought it suits my blog. I happen to love leather and these two carried it well. I loved the gentleman's boots and love the toque. His scarf is a way to make an otherwise common look more stylish. It was a cooler day so they were both dressed appropriately which I think is important when leaving he house. Never force a season by dressing inappropriately. You just end up looking ridiculous. The purple in the ladies hair adds fun to her hard appearance.

Daily Post

Just a reminder that Vancouver Fashion Week is coming in November. We are in partnership with The Breast Cancer Foundation so please consider  coming if not for the cause itself. It will be our biggest show this far. Think about it. You can contact me at my email address for more information.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Guessing from his outfit, this man is a man of the arts. Pleasant and friendly, he was kindly expressive when I asked to take his photo. A lot of accessorising here. Great personal style although the jacket may have not fit him well or it was just in a slouchy position. I would have chosen a black, grey or even purple or green to add a splash of colour, which he probably owns but however, a great representation of his person style.

Team Captain of my bowling league, the Scorgasms

Here's our captain of the Scorgasms. Mr. cutie pie himself, Justin. I always admire the way he dresses. There's always colour which personifies his being. The red hoodie, retro tee, skinny's, and Nike kicks shows comfort achieving a calm hip look. The driver cap is his staple and suits him well. Also well styled  at all the times.


My buddy, Nick. We play on the same bowling league. We are on the same team called, the Scorgams.  Great name, eh? Always in style, this good looking man chose a comfortable yet cool and hip outfit ready to bowl like the mad man.he is. This guy has power! You can never go wrong with all black. His smart and trendy Nike kicks breaks all the black which I think gives that sporty masculine look.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Elizabeth Taylor

Meet the two Elizabeth Taylors at our neighbourhood dog park. Mine is Nila, the one closest to me and  her new friend Ralph. For those who don't watch Sex and the City, Elzabeth Taylor was Charlottes dog.

Shopping Etiquette

 We retail clerks see you. We see you wrap clothes in a ball and shove them in the wall, we see you put random clothing and hang them or drop them in areas where they're not supposed to be. We see you drop clothes and kick them under the racks and we see you drape clothes on top of racks and tables and leave.
Yes, it is our job to help you as best we can and to clean our areas as best as we can amongst all the chaos, but  have a little empathy or use a little common sense and just either put it back, which is usually right in front of you, or even just hand it to an employee or bring it into the a change room so we can send it to it's appropriate home. I mean some places are chaotic. It's hard work for employees to pick up after customers mess and still having to help customers at the same time. Every little bit of help would be nice. We also have a life outside of work. It's not fun sticking around after closing shop and having to pick up the ridiculous piles of random clothing found in almost every nook and cranny, (can't believe I used that term), only to get home to our families just in time to go right to bed or having minimum time to study for those who are in school,( and a lot of us do).
And ladies who try on panties, wear your underwear. If you know you'll be buying panties and don't normally wear underwear, wear them at least for that day. That's for your health safety and ours.

Just because shoppers know we make almost minimum wage doesn't mean they get the ticket to treat us without respect. Treat shops the way you would your bedroom or home, for that matter. Have respect and empathy for the retail clerks. It really is hard work for some.

That's all I have to say and I speak for my fellow retail super heros...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Johnny Depp?

Had to pick up a paycheck and ran into Eric. Always dressed well, I couldn't help but notice the way he put together this sexy, celebrity-like, ensemble.
The faded black dress shirt untucked with a unbuttoned vest, black skinny's and black boots. Very sexy.
Doesn't he kind of look like Johnny Depp?


This mesomorphic man knew exactly how to dress his body type. Not easily seen, was his checkered western style shirt and baggy dusty-like jeans to go with his equally dusty workman boots. The cargo hat added style to his outfit and the way he just let his shirt  hang out created a playful choice which seemed to go with pleasant personality. I believe he knew what he put together when he left the house that day.
Lesson: If you are a big guy naturally, wear clothes that fit well on top, not tight, and play around with the bottom half. He chose baggy jeans others may look good even in a more fitted denim or slack. Do not wear anything too tight. It will only make you look like a  "suman", a Filipino sweet rice dessert wrapped with banana leaves, tied up in increments with string. Picture the Pillsbury Dough Boy with a a belt.


Met this beautiful hazel eyed woman in my elevator. Since we were standing so close I only noticed  her mesmerising hazel eyes. As we walked out I had to check out what she was wearing and I was relieved to see that the woman had style. Jeans are a staple in any ones closet because you can wear them with anything. She chose a fun look wearing a beautiful black printed top covered with a, I believe, cropped cream spring weight jacket with three quarter length sleeves and leopard  printed flats. The elaborate necklace completed the outfit adding a chic, yet comfortable look. My only criticism is that she could have played around with the scarf rather than just throwing over her shoulder. She probably was going to as I was catching her leaving the building.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Daily blog

Why are men so lost in fashion when it comes to their female counterparts? I was watching a program on television and the reporter was asking what they think about certain accessories, like for example, big sunglasses on women? They all hated it? What?! Do they want their girlfriends walking around town wearing Annie Hall style glasses, or even worse, Oakley's? Come on get on the fashion wagon. Bigger sunglasses are what's in style. They're sexy, stylish and look hot on even the not so attractive woman. All top designers promote it and for a reason. Another guy preferred Lulu Lemons on a women over skinny jeans stilettos and a sexy top! Holy shit! Lulu Lemons? They should remain worn at the gym or at a yoga or pilate's environment, not on the streets to go shopping or hanging out with friends. Skinny's or baggy jeans or boyfriend jeans rolled up paired with a loose tee or fitted tee and flats is stylish and modern. Let's stop being known as the Lulu Lemon capital of the world. I understand they're sexy on a body, but not at all stylish and lacks creativity and personal style. It's lazy and skanky on the street. Just my opinion. And men, Lulu's only at the gym PLEEESE!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The New West Coast Style

I believe this is the way our west coast men are dressing these days. Appropriately dressed on a somewhat cooler summer afternoon. The plaid shirt covered with a crew neck cotton sweater looks sharp and fresh with his jeans and fantastic sneakers. I wanted his bike in the photo because it created a look reminiscent to my last New York visit. His brown bag completes a crisp and conservative but fun look.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kaylee Johnston

Meet Kaylee Johnston. I accidently met her on the street on her way to probably some recording studio or something.
I liked her punky look and she happened to be someone! You must check out her website and listen to her music. A true Canadian talent. Love her music. I'm an instant fan. Support our local talent and check her out. All her info is on her website. She's got it going on!
Rock it, Kaylee!

H&M Fall

If you are the perpetual shopper, you should check out what's new at H&M Vancouver for fall. A lot of our merchandise has been coming in and we have some fantastic pieces. The men's wear has improved a lot, probably because of fall, but there are so many things I want and are very affordable, of course. I especially like these new knitted toques that pull down transforming into a turtle neck-like accessory. It gives a nice crunchy look as though it appears to be a scarf. Brilliant! I bought the two colours it provides, grey and black and only $14.95 each. The men's coats are so chic and reminiscent of Burberry designs. There's a grey tweed one I have my eyes on.
The ladies wear both in Everyday and Trend departments look very editorial and wearable and again, reasonably priced. Check out our windows. Jason, our main window display extraordinaire always creates brilliant windows that showcase what's new and exciting in women's wear.


Two handsome men, I believe off to work. I just take pleasure in seeing heterosexual men with style. Refreshing and appropriately put together outfits. I like the the contrast of  one with a full head of salt and pepper hair and another sporting the bald look.

Off To Work

Accessorising is what it's all about this fall. Wearing the black scarf , unbelievably awesome sunglasses, and bag combines a chic comfortable look. By wearing a bright tee breaks an otherwise dark outfit.

Vancouver Fashion Week Nov3-7th

So Vancouver Fashion Week is literally around the corner. I haven't heard from many people intrested in coming. If you want the information please contact me at I would gladly send it to you. Even if you want to buy tickets to go. Remeber it's the 10 Year Anniverary and it will be a big extrvaganza. Lot's of press and fashionistas, you'll be surprised! It will be held at The Empire Landmark Hotel on Robson Street.
You contact me on my blog aswell.
Hope to hear from you.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Greetings From Germany

Ran into this man on Granville Street. Nice guy visiting from Germany.  His cropped jeans and flip flops with his printed shirt had a fresh look that appealed to me.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Daily Post

So I finally made the time  to go through the September issue of Vogue. It excites me and motivates me to take more pictures that reflect the new fall trends this season. I love the denim, the prints especially the animal prints, the silhouettes, the colours, faux furs, leather, earth tones and strappy heels with printed leotards and leggings. I always love the September issue because of the back to back pages of advertising. I'm very visual.
So out I go hunting for those fashion forward ladies and gentlemen....

Remember, you don't have to purchase expensive designer clothing to look modern. It's all in your head. It's being creative and comfortable in your clothes and your body type. It's what's inside that produces a fantastic outfit. Spending money you don't have just to look up to date is not personal style and it actually reflects lack of imagination and creativity. That can easily be detected. Not good.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Why Vancouverites?

Just a little pet peeve when it comes to Vancouverites,(not all, but many). Why do you wear flip flops when it is raining? Why? annoying.

Skater Boi

Again with the plaid. Can't help it, I love it. Worn with black skinny's, grey tee, possibly DC shoes and  a touque. Looking comfortable with his board. He gave me confidence and style...I like that.


To the very pretty and friendly Asian lady at Solley's. Those photos we took didn't do your jacket justice. Come to think of it , it just looked horrible. So I decided not to post it. I'm disappointed because that jacket by Chalo Tony was gorgeous and so were you. You would have hated it, I'm sure.

Just wanted you to know because I told you I would post it.
I'm sorry.

Rafael Escobar

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rock of Asia

Finding people who take risks always impress me. Mixing prints is a risk. Some people know how it's done and some don't. She definately knew how mixing a printed dress with chic stockings can work. Coupled with a leather jacket and black studded boots shows that she has no problem expressing her personal style and conveys confidence.

Cool Hip with an Edge

I couldn't help but gravitate towards this couple. Caught them just in time as they just met up to go somewhere. This is the new West Coast style in my eye. Anything goes. Not too crazy and always comfortable.

Back in Black

Wearing a monotone ensemble can look smashing like this man proves. Dressed in all black, a smart fall coat with loose tapered jeans and black shoes not only looks clean , but sophisticated. Just the little bit of white trim on his shoes breaks the tone, leaving a sharp finish.

Dan the Man

Dan the man's looking cool and fresh. His pink oxford shirt is from Urban Outfitters, light hooded jacket made by Cheap Monday and casual pants from Polo Ralph Lauren. His Jack Percell canvas sneakers pulls this look together. A great way to dress when you think it just might rain on a warm, summer, grey Vancouver night.


The conservative casual look Wayne pulls off perfectly. This man knows his stuff when it comes to fashion. Layering his white tee with a cotton argyle sweater vest by Australian designer Country Road and a denim sport coat by Armani Exchange prooves a polished and sophisticated look. His white belt with straight leg jeans cuffed worn with converse sneakers completes a polished appearence.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Cute couple in the Park

Meeting this kind couple at the dog park was easy because they had the cutest puppy named Bambi (it's a male dog) lol. The guy was wearing H&M, which also caught my eye. We have the same cardigan. Nicely put together simple but eye catching outfits is how it should be done. Less is more, can't say it enough. I personally liked the girls cargo skirt  worn with fashionable yet comfortable boots. A pleasing finish to a refined ,comfortable and simple look.


Layering is what's happening this fall. This gentleman, ( I will assume is Italian), layered a grey long sleeved shirt over a grey tee and added colour by wearing the blue cardigan, an awsome way to break a monotone outfit. The straight leg denim in a grey hue with a brown belt achieved a perfect finish, not to forget the worn out fanastic boots. I personally wouldn't have gone for the blue laces. I find that too matchy, but all in all I loved his personal style.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Here's a great way to dress professional while wearing shorts.
It's still pretty warm in the afternoon so this appropriate outfit for work was justified. (I believe he's the owner anyway). Short sleeved fitted collared shirt and grey skinny tie with grey sneakers voiced his personality, cool and casual. Nice guy and very informative.

Global Atomic

Met Rich at Global Atomic, one of my favourite stores in Yaletown. His avant garde top is made from Cheap Monday, and was actually quite affordable worn over a H&M tee and Nudie jeans. His boots were vintage and jewelry designed by Lillian Crowe, a jewelry designer from New York.

Casual and Hip

Being a fan of plaid and Skinny jeans, I had to photograph this gentleman. He has long hair tied back and beautiful eyes behind those Ray Bans. I only noticed that afterwards when I was showing him the shot.
Wearing a loose button up shirt works well for those mesomorphs because the shirt doesn't appear "baggy". Casual outfit worn well with the dark jeans cuffed with white sneakers.
Even though the bag was one of those eco friendly ones, I believe any bag at times can complete an outfit. It this case it does.

Monday, September 6, 2010

My niece and nephew

This is my niece, Lauren. She WILL be my favourite future supermodel. Just you wait. She's half Filipino and half Italian. She's gorgeous, funny, she can sing, she's an honour roll student and an athlete. What more can you ask for? I am so proud of her. She know's that because I brag about her all the time. Lauren loves children and animals and honours her family and friends. Anyways, her mother, my sister ,will probably kill me for this but I can't help it...she's perfect and I love her so much. Her brother is going to be a lady killer himself, that is if he can keep his Rubics Cube off his hands. It was Aidan, who thought of my blog name. He loves rock and electronics like his father. Aidan the "bone boy", eats everything but never gains a half of a pound! All his weight is his height. Beautiful boy and so kind and gentle just like his dad. he's also an honor roll student and he's so funny he'll make you drop! Very candid and sometimes his sense of humour would make you dumb founded, all in a good way. I love these kids more than anything. I'm so lucky.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Daily Post (am)

Well Vancouver Fashion Week is coming around the corner. I'm so excited to see what Canada has to show us particularly the local designers, models and artists. There will be talent from all over the world, China, Taiwan, Lebanon and all around Europe to name a few. It will be the 10th Anniversary and proceeds will go to Breast Cancer, I believe.
So get your fashion spirit on and buy tickets. $250 will get you to shows and more. Tell all your friends and collegues. Be a part of what Vancouver can produce. We have come a long way. It is our most prestigous event of the year.
Fashion Week is November3rd to the 7th.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Flight Attendants

I just randomly took this shot because I liked their uniforms. All the international airlines, especially the Asian ones always have nice uniforms. That's all.
Oh...not keen on the choice of shoes on the two ladies closest to us.


A long thinner knit cardigan should be a staple in your closet. On a warm day this beautiful girl decided to wear it with a lace tank, white cut off shorts, brown belt and the Roman Birkenstock sandals that I like...the only Birkenstock I like.

Mr.Nice and Casual

I believe you can never have enough plaid. Just throwing over a tee shirt with jeans and great shoes makes up for a cool and casual look. You can wear it with sandals in the summer, boots and sneakers. Button up the shirt with a belt and you have a completely new look that may be more polished.

True Personal Style

Breaking all the fashion rules isn't always a bad thing. In this case, this wonderful lady showed she had a true sense of personal style. Her short sleeved plaid shirt with a pink tie hugged by her tweed vest looked absolutely fabulous with her low rise skinny jeans. Her Dayton boots and sunglasses completed a fantastic look that challenged the fashion philosophy.

Dolly Parton - Jolene 19880110 / "Arisha Kriukova by Fernando Gomez for Vogue Ukraine May 2017" ~ / https:// /arisha-kriukova-by-fernando-gomez-for-vogue-ukraine-may-2017/5/ "...