Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sexy Chic

Wearing a sport coat with denim is one of my favourite looks and he wears it well. Perfectly fitted jeans with a sport coat which I actually own, from H&M, looks fantastic. I can't express it more how important the sport coat should fit perfectly. If it doesn't, get it tailored to fit or just don't wear one at all. His fit proper and it looked sexy with his black denim jeans and black boots. The bag is a perfect accessory to a casual yet professional and classic outfit.

The Man with the Bike

I really need to get a new camera because this shot didn't do him justice. This guy looked way better than this photo presents him.Very friendly guy with true personal style. Also a fashion aware man, as he mentioned the Sartoralist, his outfit expressed easy going and stylish. I love it when these men have a bike because I always see it as an accessory. Loved the toque, sexy leather jacket layered with a hoodie and shirt of some kind. Perfectly fitted jeans and cool kicks. The scarf added a splash of colour, just enough to catch my attention.

Great 'ol friend

Caught up to Joseph at Winners trying on shoes. It was so nice to see him and I was so glad to because this guy is a man of style. Very personal and sexy. Just a classic white v-neck tee with a hoodie and jacket looked polished and simple. The toque added a bit of trend to his outfit with straight leg jeans and expensive, even for Winners, shoes. An actor with a true sense of humanity and...oh yeah, fashion.

Holt Renfew Chic Yet Casual

Meet Jourdan and Todd from Vancouver's Holt Renfew. I knew when I walked in I would see some great outfits, but I also knew I wouldn't be able to photograph them in the store, but I'm ruthless and have no shame. What's the worst that can happen? Attitude? "No", with attitude? Not at all. Just two friendly approachable people who were kind enough to let me photograph them even though they may get in trouble. I am grateful. Thanks guys!
Classic, chic and fresh is how I can describe Jourdans' pretty and polished look. Such a beautiful lady with an awesome sense of style even in flats!( You know I'm a fan of the stiletto), but I understand that you have to stand for at least eight hours and they were gorgeous flats. Her lovely top with the flouncy detail worked perfectly with her vest and her jeans looked like they were made for her. She's actually a specialist in denim, particularly for Diesel. It was  nice to see her hair in an up do of some kind because you wouldn't want to cover her pretty and kind face.
Todd was the first to catch my eye...not because he's incredibly good-looking but he carried a very warm energy that was welcoming and kind. He was dressed in a classic cardi with buttons that hooked to fasten that matched nicely with his beige button up shirt. Loved the skinny jeans rolled up to feature his sick and comfortable boots. His look presented a warm and chic feel, if that makes any sense. Obviously fashion conscious, Todd was also a gentleman and his look represented his personality as I saw it.

Joe Fresh

So I finally made the time to visit Joe on Granville Street. The very first Joe department store. The design of the store is incredibly modern, clean and fresh. Plenty of room to move around and very helpful and friendly staff.
Unfortunately, I was very disappointed with the men's department. Next to nothing but plaid shirts and coats. I can't even remember seeing pants or jeans for that matter. Way too small for a city where men shop almost at par with the women. I can't see many men wanting to even go there to shop unless they are with their girlfriends or wives. I thought they would be a little bit more fashion forward as well. I guess I really don't know that much about the brand. I expected some trendy pieces like the women's department does. Even the women's section had some nice pieces, but only some. Everything is very basic, but fashion aware.
One thing I did really like is the way the men's plaid shirts were merchandised. They were randomly folded on a table in uniform piles but all different styles. It looked colourful and very creative in a otherwise somber room.
I guess I was expecting more, so you can say I was a little disappointed. Maybe because I'm a man. I would still recommend shopping there for women if they want something fast and simple, but no recommendation for men. I'm sorry, just not impressed with that, but then again, who am I?

Model Of the Week Carmen Cass

Ever since I've seen her on the runway I was stunned. A blonde when not many blonde models were around, and she had thin lips! Most importantly, she can do "bitch", like no other. I mean she looked like a bitch! She probably isn't,I don't know and I don't care, she's just so fascinating to me. Her walk is fierce, even though I hate that word, she attacks the catwalk like a panther ready to attack it's prey. Her energy makes you want to watch her as though you're watching a movie during a love can't keep your eyes off her, or at least I can't. Like all my favourites I can't wait for her to come out on to the runway with a new look.

About Carmen Kass A 14-year-old Carmen had already received recognition by the time she was discovered in a supermarket in Tallinn by an Italian modeling scout.She was ready to set her sights higher and go for the Miss Estonia title, but the offer to fly to Milan to jump start a modeling career seemed like a more glamorous and lucrative option.

After being represented in her native Estonia by a small agency called "Baltic Models", Kass moved to Paris at the age of 18. She received exposure on the cover of magazines worldwide, such as L'Officiel and Vogue (France) in 1997, Elle (Australia), Image (UK), Madame Figaro, Numero France, Vogue (France), and Vogue (US) in 1999.

Kass has posed in advertisements for Calvin Klein, Chanel, Donna Karan, General Motors, Guy Laroche, Krizia, and Versace. She is also recognized for her appearances in a The Gap denim advertising campaign.

Kass is a spokesperson for Sephora, one of the world's leading cosmetics retailers, and the Christian Dior perfume, J'adore. In February 2004, she joined Estonia's ruling Res Publica party and was running for the European Parliament after her homeland joined the European Union in May 2004. She gained about 2000 votes from Estonian electorate and was not elected to the European Parliament.

The same year she was elected the President of Estonian National Chess League and she ran a campaign for obtaining the right to organise Olympics of Chess in 2008 in Tallinn, Estonia, which was however given to Dresden, Germany.

The statuesque beauty is often cited for her distinctive runway walk. A quirk of the Estonian supermodel is that while very tall, her feet are quite small- about a size seven (American). It is said she sometimes simply falls out of her shoes while walking.
Kass was recognized by Vogue as they honored her with the "Model of the Year" title at the 2000 VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The People I Admire For Personal Style

Today I choose Sam Roberts. Not only is he incredibly good looking, talented and Canadian, we kind of dress the same. I guess that would make me sound conceited, but we do. All about Canadiana.I hate dressing up. It's all about jeans, t-shirts and kicks, sometimes boots. I'm big on Nike and Adidas and love anything made by Camper.

Nicole Richie I have always admired the way she dressed, especially when the pictures are candid. If I were a girl I would dress like her.

Finally a Girl with personality!

She was so happy that I asked her for a picture. It was so when I approach heterosexual men. I liked her outfit because everything fit well and was appropriate for the weather. It was stylish and fun. With such a beautiful smile I couldn't help but smile back and even laugh. I'm so glad to have met her briefly because i was losing faith on Vancouver women. I love the knit hat. Totally suited her and her energy.
Thank you so much Little Miss Nice Nice.

Happy Man

This character made me want to smile. He had such a nice demeanor and you can tell by his outfit. The green old school sweater looked trendy with his tee shirt peeking out the bottom with tapered jeans and cool black kicks. The hat looks cute and personal. Great look on a great guy.

Style on the Canada Line

This trendy guy needed a little convincing to get a photo. I chose to photograph him because I love the way he put his outfit together to stay warm on a cold morning. Grey skinny jeans with a plaid flannel shirt looks fashion aware and trendy with his grey sneakers. I really like the over sized  black scarf. That is what really caught my attention. I love large scarves. They are very fashionable and can turn an otherwise common outfit into a very fashion conscious one. It adds personality and style.


This is Mamona, the beautiful and lovely lady I am privileged to work with. Always stylish and polished, she caries the conservative fashionista look well. Her beautiful skirt she bought recently on a trip to New York and worn with fabulous boots and a Michael Kors bag which she also purchased on her trip. The sharp jacket and scarf completes a very polished and refined business look that shows confidence, intelligence and power.

Random Street Fashion Taken From Other Web Sites

I take no credit for any of these photos. Just some I have taken from a website and I happened to like the outfits. If only I can find more of this for my site. Oviously there is a shot of Gwen Stefani at one of her concerts.

Daily Blog. Remembering Brent...

This blog really has nothing to do with fashion. I just want to say some words in remembrance of a man who was so amazing. I went to his memorial last night with mutual friends and acquaintances. Caring more for others, rather than himself, he was a fashionista in his own way, which I will always respect. Brent was a very caring man, loving, empathetic, sympathetic and caried a spirit of an angel. He was also a lover of Madonna.
Ironically, Brent saved my life.
I am a recovered addict and Brent was my first counsellor way back when. His gentle heart and warm spirit was the first to welcome me. I was so lucky. I went to his memorial last night and I was shocked to see all stuff that his friends pulled out of a dumpster displayed on tables like a shop, for any of us friends to keep. His Mormon family threw out all his jewels and anything to do with homosexuality, like books, dvd's, and I mean movies like Torch Song Trilogy, which I kept, and beautiful jewelry he made and designed. I was livid! I can't believe a family can be so cruel. That belonged to their son! ( I had to take a breath there). The only response from their family was more cruelty and hurtful words. they were not present at the memorial we had for him at his favourite hang out in New Westinster ironically called, ' Coming Home Cafe'.
The service was beautiful and moving. As we listened to Madonna's, " I'll Remember".
I suggest to those who chose to give up on their gay children that you try to let go of silly and senseless reasons to stop being a part of their lives. They hurt and feel alone and this leads to suicidal thoughts because if your own family can't love them, how can anyone else? Be by there side or try to understand the difficult path they are going through. Don't choose to make it more of a problem for them as it already is to these unique and special people I still believe he'd be still with us if he had a family who understood. I think we all believe that. He knew the skills through these extremely difficult times. He taught me.

Thank you for the ladies and gentlemen who took the time to go through a dumpster to salvage as much as they possibly can from a dumpster and to God who took me through a dark path only to meet a wonderful man and equally wonderful people at my heaven on earth, Three Bridges at Vancouver Coastal Health.

Thank you to my family who embraced me with open arms...I only wish Brent was as lucky as I was.

Brent, I miss you and I know you're happy now and truly believe you were with us last night. Thank you for my life and thank you for the laughs and Worthers caramels and empathetic words that got me through. It's because of you that I am where I am today.
Thank you so much and I will celebrate your life for always...

Friday, October 29, 2010

Vancouver Fashion Week Update

The schedule list for the week is in the process of completion. Hopefully it will be complete by later tonight or tomorrow. This schedule will show the show you are scheduled to go to. If you wish to go to other shows or days you  can request them and if there is space contact Mamona at

Thank you for your patience,

To All Who Are Expecting Tickets to Vancouver Fashion Week

There will be a list posted noting what shows you have been invited to. Some have more than one. If you wish to go to a particular show and aren't scheduled for that show, you may request the show and depending on availability, you may be able to attend. Just email Mamona at to confirm and to request other shows you wish to attend.

The list will be posted by tomorrow on my blog and at

Thank you so much.
Rafael Escobar

Style Watch...just some things I liked...

Vancouver Fashion Week 2010 Beverley Huynh

Label: Huynh
Fashion school: The Art Institute of Vancouver
Theme of your new collection: Fragile sovereignty.
Colours, fabrics and silhouettes in your new collection: Off white silk duchess satins with black chiffon and a variety of feathers: ostrich, rooster and peacock. Silhouettes are mermaid, tutu and bubble with a variety of necklines.
Three classic, versatile pieces that belong in every stylish wardrobe: Black or grey blazer, black or grey high-waisted pencil skirt and a pair of classic black stiletto pump

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Designer of the Week Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli was born in Florence, Tuscany. His grandfather, Giuseppe Rossi, was a member of the Macchiaioli Movement, whose work is exhibited in the Uffizi Gallery. Cavalli decided to enroll at the local Art Institute, concentrating in textile print. While still a student, he made a series of flower prints on knit that caught the attention of major Italian hosiery factories.
In the early 1970s, he invented and patented a revolutionary printing procedure on leather, and he started creating patchworks of different materials. He debuted these techniques in Paris, immediately getting commissions from the likes of Hermès and Pierre Cardin. At age 30, he presented his first namesake collection at the Salon for Prêt-à-Porter in Paris. He brought it to the catwalks of the Sala Bianca of Palazzo Pitti in Florence, and later on those of Milano Collezioni jeans made of printed denim, intarsia leathers, brocade and wild prints. He then opened his first boutique in 1972 in Saint-Tropez.
In 1980 Roberto Cavalli married Eva Düringer, who has been his lifelong companion and business partner. In Milan in 1994 Cavalli presented the first sand-blasted jeans. By December of the same year, he had opened boutiques in Saint Barth, in the French Caribbean, followed by others in Venice and Saint-Tropez. Besides the main line, which is sold in over fifty countries worldwide, Roberto Cavalli designs RC Menswear as well as the youth aimed line Just Cavalli, launched in 1998 and comprising today men’s wear, women’s wear and accessories, eyewear, watches, perfumes, underwear and beachwear. There is also the Angels & Devils Children Collection, the Class line, two underwear collections, shoes, eyewear, watches and perfumes. In 2002 Cavalli opened his first café-store in Florence, revamping it with his signature animal prints. This was shortly followed by the opening in Milan of the Just Cavalli café at Torre Branca and another boutique on Via Spiga.

Model Of the Week Douzen Kroes

 Kroes thinks it’s high time the Netherlands received their due. "At the moment I believe that there is a Netherlands wave,” she says enthusiastically. “In the past there were many Brazilian, Belgian and Russian girls. Now the Dutchies are even too!" If the Dutch are finally getting the recognition they deserve, much of the credit deserves to go to Doutzen herself. That’s because the Friesland native has been working non-stop for the past two years. Since making her professional debut, Doutzen has been featured in campaigns for Victoria's Secret, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, Escada, Dolce & Gabbana, and Valentino.

Her beautiful face has also graced the covers of Harper’s Bazaar, Numero, Avant Garde, and Vogue. In fact, readers of gave Doutzen the ultimate honor in 2005 when they selected her as Model of the Year. “I had no notion,” she gushed at the time. “I am very lucky and grateful over it. Such a thing is always a big compliment.

One of my favourites because of her natural beautiful girl next door but can tranform into editorial madness. I love blondes and there are more blonde models these days. She's a stand out for me. oh, so sexy which would explain why she's one of Victoria Secret Angels.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Some thoughts...

Vancouver women, I'm losing interest in even approaching you ladies now. I ALWAYS get, "no", and in a  very cold way As if you're in a hurry. I can't help but feel like you're too good. That's the tone. It's so strange. Unless I feel good energy I won't bother anymore.

Men. If you're going to wear cologne, learn how to. Don't splash it on your body like water! There is a proper way to apply cologne. I walked by strong scents of probably nice fragrances but you lose it because you wear too much. It's stinks and is very unattractive. It reflects your personality and it gives me and probably your women, or men a headache. Less is more!

Beatiful Pair of Lovely and Chic

This woman blew my mind. She's so beautiful with her , "Dove-like", skin and sincere and soft smile.
Fabulous coat with black leggings and pretty whit boots. Layering is the key this season for obvious reasons, just do it well, like she does.
The gentleman, other than being very good-looking is working the black in a very chic and classic way. I'm glad you can see the scarf and it looks great with his hood. Loving the parka and sexy shoes. They look so perfect for each other or with each other. I'm so happy they agreed to a photo. I almost thought they were saying no.

Urban Outfitters

This guy truly carries a style of his own. I love the colour, the head and the quirkiness. He makes me smile. I tried to get a pair of sick boots, but couldn't find my hoo. Anyways, I love this store, always have. Since Seattle, Toronto and now Vancouver, thank God. I like how the staff is free to wear their own looks like he does. Again I admire risks and the energy that follows. They simply don't care what other people think and you can feel that. It's very attractive and positive.

On the Buses

The Canadian Tuxedo...a favourite of mine, as my friends know. I just like his outfit. The plaid shirt peeking out the bottom of his jean jacket. Fantastic brown boots and accessorised perfectly with a scarf that's not too crazy and knitted toque. Looking great and proud to be Canadian.

The Courier

Great knitted cap with plaid shirt layered with a long sleeved purple shirt and Diesel jean cut offs and a heavy pair of leggings to keep warm. Sick kicks and cool outfit all together. Bike couriers are like the Japanese. They have great personal style probably because they are all probably artists. Love the bike. I like to call it an accessory for them. Great personal style and I admire that so much.

Comfortably Numb

Rugged and warm. I like this gentleman's look because it looks so comfortable and stylish. Great grey jacket layered with a sweater and scarf nicely placed on the side. these little details make a statement to me. Baggy jeans that fit well and sneakers gives a laid back look. The driver cap suits him well and I like the beard. It shows character and personality.

Daily Blog

All I want to say that this experience that I am having  has changed my life. I love blogging and because of this, all these avenues have opened up for me. Many opportunities have risen and I have to mention that it has been wonderful meeting new and interesting people. Some incredibly kind and funny people and some snobby, insecure, "I'm too cool for that", winners as well. I know that's a part of this path I have chosen.
For the first time in my life I can honestly say I love what I do and that I love my life.

My advice to you all is to do what you love. There is a purpose for you to be in this world, universe, planet or what have you. Take risks, do it. If your heart feels something good, it's right. Follow your passion, it will develop into your dream, regardless on how much you'll be making or how frustrating it can be. In my case, my financial status dropped dramatically. I used to work in dentistry. I was miserable.

I finally knew due to a severe depression that something had to change. I was way too creative to be in an industry saturated with sadness, anger, stress (the bad kind), and miserable people. No offence to my friends who are in the industry still. This is just me. Even you guys, you know who you are, knew dentistry was not for me. I won't say I wasted my time, I'll just say it happened for a reason and that reason is that it got me to  a point where I had to move on and without the despondency and the mental distress, I wouldn't be where I am today. Everything happens for a reason.

So follow your heart and the rest will follow. Yes, it's scary at first, but if you work hard, stay passionate and true to yourself, be kind and considerate. Be respectful and professional and the rewards will come to you so fast your head will spin or it may take time.  Believe in yourself, be true to yourself, take risks and don't quit. Be firm and assertive and do everything you have to do, even if it seems intrusive ( be professional )...just believe.

I thank my God for taking me through the journey I went through in order to find myself and guide me to where I need to be.

Find your passion...chances are you already know.
Again...I am so grateful to all of you.

Vancouver Fashion Week 2010 Carmine de Young

Label: Carmine De Young
Theme of your new collection: Elegant contradictions.
Colours, fabrics and silhouettes in your new collection: The collection is influenced by the contemporary businesswoman. The palette is mainly the classic neutrals -- black, white and grey -- followed by blue and then red.
The fabrics are a blend of light summer wool, silk charmeuse and a printed silk.
The silhouettes are traditional with a contemporary touch. The collection includes tailored silhouettes for a more formal look as well as some loose and layered silhouettes for a more casual but still very business-like environment.
Style icons you most admire: Linda Evangelista and Karl Lagerfeld.
Celebrities you'd love to see in your clothes: Naomi Campbell and Penelope Cruz.
Three classic, versatile pieces you think belong in every stylish wardrobe: A silk dress, a pair of casual dress pants, dress jacket.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another Favourite Look...

This guy was short like me. I loved his over sized baggy pin striped pants rolled up exposing his rugged and masculine boots with suspenders very much. I want them. As a hair stylist at Zoootz on 4th Ave, you have to keep up with fashion, just like artists in the music industry. That's why stylist at high end salons always look fashion aware.The long sleeved white tee under a black cardigan and driver cap completed a well polished look that is rugged and shows he has true personal style.

Tall and Chic

This friend explained to me how difficult it is to stay stylish when you're tall. He's 6'4". The difficulty finding pants with a 36" inseam is near impossible. Shopping at a Mr. Big and Tall doesn't cut it. Somehow he finds it though because this outfit is fashionable, structured and chic. Great shoes, modern jeans and fantastic coat. All fits perfectly. I can understand it being frustrating, but if you really want it, you can find it. He obviously did.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Edgy But Chic

Trendy and chic. You wouldn't believe he came from Prince offence. His jeans were made by a friend in a tie dye process using bleach, I would expect. I really enjoyed this outfit. I couldn't stop looking at it before approaching him. The boots worked perfectly with his incredible jeans. The tee shirt was a perfect match with his black over sized frames and his jacket was one to compliment as well. It had a hot pink satin lining. So cool and hip with an edge.The graphic on his fabulous t-shirt is a sexy woman with shears as an upper torso. F'ing loved it.
I thought today would be a bust for photos but I was pleasantly surprised.

Playful Japanese Man

Cute and playful! Love this guys outfit. If you can only zoom in on the boots. The sharpest pair I have ever seen! Army green and brown tip toes. Perfection. I asked him to wear the hood because it was so him. Great energy and so difficult to ignore.

Japanese Chic

Another fantastic and chic outfit. Very structured and clean. Adding a hoodie to the ensemble tamed it down a bit making it look fun and still fashion aware. Sick boots and the cuff on his jeans worked well with the detail on his shirt. A smart balance.

Japanese Dreads

Dread locks on a Jaapanese lady looked so personal and expressive. I loved the boots! Don't you love the boots?! Worn with black jeans and a black denim mini and warm coat on a drabby cool day was appropriate.

Japanese Art

The Japanese people have a natural way of creating their own generation of fashion. I was lucky enough to run into a group of friends who were true fashionistas. I absolutely loved their use of staple pieces needed in a fall wardrobe. This man had fantastic jeans worn with a double breasted sport coat and plaid shirt which added that perfect amount of colour.  The boots, the hair and just the way he expressed himself really reflected his choice of personal style. Rugged and fashion forward.

My Peeps

Today is a crap day to shoot people, not kill them, take photographs. I am so pleased to see that the people from Denmark, Sweden and the United Kingdom follow this blog. I am honoured. Also Russia, I am truly honoured. The people  in the tunnel hated me when I went there to shoot a commercial. I was called names, people threw beer bottles and trash at me and no one wanted to serve me when I shopped. Thank God for my interpreter, who I loved so very much and wish I can contact her. She saved me. There was a situation where I was followed into the washroom of McDonalds, of all places, by a female manager and two male employees. Am I that scary looking? I know Russians are lovely people. But I was so tense there for 6 days! I feel blessed to have gone to visit your country and did get to meet some beautiful people inside and out. I just wanted to share my experience there. What a fascinating country and I fully understand why I was treated that way. I stood out like a freak of nature, but the ones I worked with and got to know, I loved so easily.
Spice see ba! lol.

My New Email Account Update

I got my running again, but I have to do a scan of some sort to access it again. I hate hotmail. I suggest you all change you're accounts. I will keep this account for Fashion Week purposes only. The only reason is have contacted people from around the world and may not check my up dates via Facebook or

Please use my gmail account from now on.

Thank you and I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
Rafael Escobar

Depeche Mode - Black Celebration / Lyrics / What I think are the staples for a sylish woman for our winter months...

1. A coat. Long heavy trench usually made of wool or wool blend. It doesn't necessarily have to be wool, just a thicker material to keep you warm. Stick to a neutral colour; I prefer you chose the earth tones, like black, deep rich greens,grey and browns.
2. A jacket for those who don't want to wear a coat. Like a pea coat, which is shorter, or a leather bomber style or biker style one. Stick to black or brown, in this case. There are luxurious ones with wool lining or fake wool material of some sort that peaks around a high neck line with belt know the one. It's chic and demands attention. H&M has a faux leather one for only $39.95. A huge favourite and is usually stocked regularly.
3. A scarf. I prefer the real thick comfy heavy looking, but not at all ones that are very long and wraparound your neck many times to get that fashionable runway look, which actually makes your neck look longer. You can now purchase ones that come already like that. You just pull it down from over your head. Easy and cozy...I actually have one in grey and black. Be careful though, if you have a heavier set body frame, it can make you look bigger, especially if your short as well. In this case stick to the thinner ones and tie them around your neck in the traditional way, or get a longer one and be creative and wrap it around then tie it in a bow. It looks really pretty and can be done. The fabric must be thinner.
4.  A sweater. Make sure it's heavy enough to keep you warm but comfortable enough to wear all day. There's a personal favourite one of mine, not MINE, but that I have seen on women and in the stores that are angora with a cap sleeve or long sleeved that has this fabulous neck line that crosses over allowing the excess material to drape almost like a scarf. Beautiful.
5. Jeans, jeans, jeans. Find a pair that suits your body. Don't force a look just because it's in style, you'll only fool yourself. Skinny's, always my favourite. High waisted or decide. Go darker in shade. For those who know they can't wear skinny jeans wear straight leg jeans or high waisted wide leg jeans. Both very fashionable and surprisingly sexy. Especially the high waisted wide leg one.
6. Boots/Shoes: Be sexy and wear one with a heel. ( easy for me to say, because I never have to). They just look better for the evening and during the day. I'm not talking thick grandma heel, I mean almost stiletto, but not...if that makes any sense? The ankle boots are so chic this season and have so many varieties of style. Definitely stick to black or brown or earth tones. The grey ones are sexy and actually I saw a cool pair of cobalt blue ones at H&M. Carrie Bradshaw wears a grey pair which I believe are Christian Laboutin. I love them. Actually I can see them in red as well. Ok, so maybe be colourful, but remember that limits you for ward robing. If you're like me, I like to wear things I can wear with everything. It's a more intelligent way to shop, but if you have the money....Try a long pair as well, if you can, for the super fashionistas, the ones that go all the way past their knees,(you must be tall), or the traditional ones just below the knee which can make a short lady appear taller. Check the toe! If you choose one that has a blunt rounded toe, for some larger framed women can appear stubby, so no to that, but if you're petite, I think you can get away with it. The Dayton boot is always sexy on a casual day, rounded toe or stubbed, with jeans or casual skirt or dress with leggings, of course. You might think, wha..? Trust me it looks cool and modern, you'll have to visualize or see it in a magazine. I love it.
Shoes: go with whatever makes you feel comfortable. Like chic flats, sneakers, booties. Sometimes you might have during a night out and wear a just have to fashion can't always be comfortable, sorry, but it's true. Don't wear flats out at night to a function. That's my personal preference. I know many will disagree. It's sexier!
7. Accessorise! you can make something plain look like Lacroix or McQueen or Cavalli. Choose the chunky necklaces with colour if your wearing monotone or glass like ones. Pears (fake, of course), if you're loaded lucky you. Rings...big ones that get noticed. Earrings whatever you like small large, it all depends on how you feel. Definitely smaller ones for the day time, otherwise you may look like your on the walk of shame. Hats! Be careful with this one. They are big big this season and when I say big I mean popular. Choose one that you feel is you not one that you feel "should" be you, in fact don't wear anything that is a , "should", because that naturally means, "no". You simply won't pull it off because your energy will say it it all. Be creative but stick to who you are. Always the key to success and everything is affordable these days.

Good luck and have fun.

Vancouver Fashion Week 2010 Sermin Sesoren

Fashion Education:
Mirman Sinan University School of Art and Design (Istanbul) and Vancouver Community College
Theme of your new collection: Being in tune with your femininity and the goddess inside you. I wanted to remind women that they all are beautiful.
Colours, fabrics and silhouettes in your new collection: Earth tones, faded floral patterns and, of course, texture. Fabrics are cotton, faux leather and chiffon. The silhouettes are form- fitting — feminine with a touch of a raw look to give a primal feel to it.
Three classic, versatile pieces you think belong in every stylish woman’s wardrobe: Fitted black leather or faux leather pants to wear day or night; a sexy, textured sweater to go with the pants; a black, jersey, form-fitting mini- dress that can be worn with leggings/jeans during day or solo at night.

Dolly Parton - Jolene 19880110 / "Arisha Kriukova by Fernando Gomez for Vogue Ukraine May 2017" ~ / https:// /arisha-kriukova-by-fernando-gomez-for-vogue-ukraine-may-2017/5/ "...