Monday, February 28, 2011

My Best Dressed Winner is....

Kate Blanchette in Givenchy Couture and Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry. My winner for Best Dressed.
I think she looks luminous, so beautiful and is a dress that should be in a category of it's own. I've never seen anything like it and I believe only those who are creative, and  like an edge, would strongly agree. I love that it's not mainstream. Like a "pageant dress", they all basically categorize as over the top fitted Spanish - inspired bejeweled dress. " The Oscar Dress". Glitter, shiny, puffy, teared, shoulder less and form fitting.
Same 'ol, same'ol. I always love her choices, Kate Blanchette... and Tilda Swinton. Women of Style.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Daily Post....Eco Fashion Week 2011

This year I was excited to be invited to Vancouver Eco Fashion Week.

I was first really impressed with the venue. A perfect place for an eco friendly fashion week. Raw building with beautiful wood beams criss crossing above. Concrete floors and ample space to schmooze.

I enjoyed all the shows, especially the ones I blogged about. I have to admit I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't go to Jason Matlo's show, although I did get to meet him.

It was a surprise to me how there really isn't that much of a difference than regular fashion weeks. I often forgot it was eco friendly materials I was looking at. I loved it and had a great time. It was nice to see some of my 'fashion family' again.

*the following words are taken from


A selection of the best eco-designers from around the world comes together to showcase their latest collections of environmentally friendly, trend-setting fashion. With collaboration from designers, buyers, models, agencies, fashion directors, trend setters and media, the message is global.

Like other fashion weeks around the world, EFW will be held biannually. In contrast to other fashion weeks, EFW will focus solely on environmentally friendly designers and practices. There is a growing shift in the fashion industry to include the wellbeing of the environment into its practices and Vancouver has become widely known as a haven for independent designers who are committed to using recycled, organically grown, and locally produced fashion. A direct effect of EFW will be to stimulate the growth of eco-conscious fashion and accelerate the industry’s renaissance into the environmental age.

The Salt Building located in the Olympic Village

Thank you so much, Ashleigh Said and Myriam Laroche for the opportunity. I really enjoyed myself.

Eco Fashion Week 2011... WeSc

Yet another favourite. Again, I have to say I had no idea you can produce such fantastic pieces with natural and eco-friendly fabrics. Each show seemed no different than the regular shows. I was pleasantly surprised with WeSC. I liked it all. I loved all the men's clothes and the women were sexy in their feminine pieces like the form fitted deep scooped neck striped dress and long printed gown to boyfriend jeans and slacks slacks,. The styling was perfect and all the colours were natural and calm to bold and bright. I can really appreciate the spectrum and random outfits. It shows how versatile and talented  the designer is.           


WeSC is committed to issues concerning corporate social responsibility. This is reflected in the company’s brand and in the company’s actions. It is taken for granted that WeSC will respect other people and their human rights, and work to ensure sustainable development. WeSC wants the people who make our products to be paid fairly and enjoy a good working environment, and we also want all our customers to feel happy and safe when they use our products.
e WeSCs Code of Conduct (CoC), with the appendix “Guide to buying terms for chemical contents in clothing” from the Textile Importers’ Association in Sweden, the WeSC Chemical guidance document and WeSCs Environmental Policy.

WeSCs Code of Conduct has recently been reviewed and made more comprehensive, with the new version now being implemented along the supply chain.

To ensure that production is carried out under good working and environmental conditions, WeSC obliges its suppliers to follow its Code of Conduct. WeSC regularly visits each supplier to ensure that they are all following the company supplier requirements regarding quality, working conditions and environmental issues. If we discover that a supplier is not following WeSCs Code of Conduct, the company will immediately point this out so that the supplier can remedy the situation. If a supplier repeatedly falls short of our standards of conduct or does not wish to meet our requirements, we will consider terminating our partnership.

Find out more about their sustainable and socially responsible initiatives here:
The core documents guiding WeSCs interaction with others ar

In Vancouver, WeSC is represented and distributed by OB1 Enterprises.

* taken from

Eco Fashion Week...Sitka

Again, A favourite show of mine. I can appreciate all the men's apparel. There were many pieces I wanted. A very casual laid back collection obviously inspired by the forest and the great outdoors. It was also an added plus to see some familiar faces modelling.
The knitted anorak was a huge favourite of mine.

The name Sitka derives from the mighty Sitka Spruce, a tree naturally drawn to the rugged shorelines of Western Canada; the company Sitka grew from the same endeavor.

With roots planted deep in a seedy garage used for shaping custom boards, Sitka grew and branched out into our current state with consistent perseverance and strength.  Surfing and shaping is at the heart of the company and has inspired a similar passion for the other things we design and produce as well.

As unique as the local graphic artists, clothing designers and shapers involved in making Sitka what it is, the clothing delivers a punch that matches the distinct stylings of our family.  The West Coast Canadian environment that Sitka was born into and remains today provides a captivating and engaging canvas from which to draw inspiration.  The lifestyle on our BC island requires not only comfer-cozers to huddle around a campfire in the woods in, but also a pinch of blamo to explode onto the streets of the big cities in.  This versatility is made by and for our roaming Sitka sapling family.

Sitka was established in 2002 by Andrew Paine and Rene Gauthier.  Since that time we’ve grown a full men’s and women’s clothing line, a skateboard line and a full quiver of surfboards to stand up to any condition.  We’ve grown into a tight-knit family thriving off each others’ stoke, and are always looking ahead to our next adventure.

* words taken from

Eco Fashion Week 2011 ....Sitka

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