Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Daily Post... Need help getting ready for the evening? A stylist opportunity...

Let me style you!

If you have an important event to attend or a fancy party or themed parties...I'd love to help. I can come over the day before and we can discuss the event you're attending and set yourself up for the next evening.
I am a fan of every look right now. 70's with any other eras around it is my personal favourite look.
Of course I will listen to your needs and what makes you feel comfortable because that is the most important part. If you are not comfortable, you will look it. I base my ethics on this...it's how it is!
If interested, please contact me via email, and we'll discuss further.
I'm very open minded, but very picky. I am known to tell the truth when it comes to fashion and my career.

Check my blog on street fashion.Each picture means something special to me. People often question the pictures I post, often wonder why?...or really? I see the diamonds in the rough and I like to share looks that I like with my audience. I have a radar for personal style.

my inpirations...

Hope to hear from someone?

I Love Mea... Meagan Therese Squire and Sam Underwood


Design and Style
I was just introduced to these talented women. You must check theire website. Fantastic innovative pieces and very wearable, edgy. Just clothes you WANT to wear.

I will be photographing and interviewing here this weekend , so more to come!

Design and Style

MMmmMeagan Therese Squire is a highly influenced designer, whose vision, passion and flare knows no bounds. Raised in British Columbia and Puerto Rico, she has been able to take advantage of numerous cultural influences to synthesize her style into an eclectic, hip and cutting edge entity.
Embodying creative individuality through her designs. At the heart and soul of her designs is her unapologetic love of all things urban, musical, and social.

                                         Meagan Therese Squire            Sam Underwood
Founder, Designer, Co-Creative Director Publicist, Co-Creative Director
A Imbedded passion for independence and expression has influenced her to specialize in designing impactful attire for men and women looking to step outside their comfort zones, and stand out within their respective crowds.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Kaoko...always a hit!

The shoes!

It was so beautiful yesterday , everyone was out and about. Cameras were an accessory to many people on the seawall. I wanted to capture this woman taking advantage of the day with platform boot-like sandals. I can't quite figure out if they are el cheapo shoes from some night market or something, or a very expensive pair of sandals. I'll go with the expensive sandals...they're cool. I think so.

Me and Nila playing around...

HOT day today...

Former model

This well dressed man was once a model in his day...and I can see it. He still has it!


Look how sophisticating this top looks. Can be dressed up and down with jeans, leggings, shorts...$20! Seriously! That's what I mean...you don't have to be rich to look rich and stunning. I really like this woman's look. She has a very unique face that left me stunned. I love her beauty.

Simple and fine.

Dolly Parton - Jolene 19880110 / "Arisha Kriukova by Fernando Gomez for Vogue Ukraine May 2017" ~ fattongue.com/ /

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0eeSoU35wM https:// fattongue.com /arisha-kriukova-by-fernando-gomez-for-vogue-ukraine-may-2017/5/ "...