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Monday night with my (Satanic baby), Nila. :D

Love, love, love!...Baby, YOU ARE a firework! What would that rate on the cheese factor scale?...whatever, it works. Nice. :D!!!!

Sent from Jessie Jae Group. :) !

Sent from Nom Nom Kristine. Thanks so much! :D!!

My friend, Alisha Tallarico. SWEEEET! :D!!!

Christopher Shawn Pike Photography/ Fitness Photoshoot....Anela Amici :D!

" Scouted " ...a sneak peek of the business...NOT easy as people may think.

" She Sells Sanctuary " the sea shore :)

" Sub-Culture" :D!!!!!!

" Procession"/ New Order :D~!!!

Kajetan/ Model/ Student from Poland.

Thank you to the kind couple who shared their babies for 'our' shoot. :D ..truly grateful from all of us!!

" 8 Flavors " new favourite group! UNBELIEVABLE!!! :D!!!

ABDC/ " Most Wanted"...PINOY!!!! :D

Sean Daniels photographed by Anna-MAchuca Young. Nice work, both of you!!!

A friend, Brandon D.Hamilton showing his winning smile! :D!!!

Another best friend from highschoool sent me this poignant gift

' I love it!!!" Thanks! ;D!!!

A friend from elementary school!!! Hey Sophiya!!! :D

Thank you, Shamez Charania :D

...taking a closer look. Kandee's :D!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sent from Fiona Forbes...people. The Amethyst Soiree in support of 'The Centnret For Epilepsy'

Good morning and I like what you wrote! You've got to make time for fun! :D!!!!

Kasha Kennedy :D!!!!

Eason Wang 2012 :D!!!!

Madonna " Gimme All your Lovin' " with Niki Minaj...Super Bowl Performance 2012

"Girl Gone Wild"/ Madonna...forgot about this one! :D!!!

Spring/Summer Collection 2012/ Images Fall/ Winter 2012 :D!!!!

Kajetan/ Model