Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sakura - Japanese Folk Music

                                                           Prada spring/summer 2013


David Bowie - China Girl

The Good Men - Give It Up (Batucada Refrescante)

Utah Saints - What Can You Do For Me

I honestly believe you really have to discover new and existing cultures to understand the evolution of fashion.

Daft Punk - Around The World

The Chemical Brothers - Galvanize

Panic! At The Disco: The Ballad Of Mona Lisa [OFFICIAL VIDEO]


Ok, this is the best collection I have seen so far in all aspects of art and design. I sat here literally with my mouth open! ( ...slightly, in awe ) Every single outfit was brilliant! Every single one.
Funny how on the weekend I was watching men's figure skating (...shut it), and I was so bothered by one skaters costume because his one collar was sticking out, and no one fixed it! It was driving me crazy! Well, who knew it was a trend?
The colour palette, the stage, the models, the choreography, the music, the story, THE STYLING!!!! I was flabbergasted. How clever. Very youthful. :D

You've got to check this out! ...if you haven't already seen it.

Images In Vogue ~ Call it Love.Excellent Sound Quality


FashionTV - Press Play Establishment NYE 2013 Industry (part 1)

Vernard LuvnGrace Goud
Thanks for the great work on this Mr Fashion TV Nader Press Play Vancouver!! This footage ( 1 of 3 parts) will be put on the Official Fashion TV Website about 2 weeks from now!! Check out my "as usual quirky" interview with the fabulous Fashion TV Host Mandy Ross from the Press Play Establishment NYE Event PLUS interviews with the fabulous Rozemerie Cuevas aka Jacqueline Conoir Collection and my other dear friend Carola Bun of BUN Jewelry!
GET READY FOR FASHION TV'S MARCH 22 EVENT Produced again by PressPlayEst!!
Co-sponsored by LuvnGrace as well!:))
FashionTV - Press Play Establishment NYE 2013 Industry (part 1)

Mariah Carey - Love Takes Time

No Air- Jordin Sparks Lyrics

Knock You Down -- Keri Hilson [W/Lyrics]

Cocktail Party In Support of Local Film and T.V. Actors

6:00pm until 12:30am in UTC-06
1207 1 Street SW., Calgary, Alberta.

Join iPerform Arts Founder Zulie Alnahhas for a night of Jazz Music, Comedy Improv by our great actors, DJ Music by Hamze, with Great food and drinks by Giuseppes. Tickets available at the door for $20. For more details go to

COLDPLAY - TROUBLE - Lyrics - (HD 1080)


Published on Mar 1, 2012
Coldplay sing "Trouble"

Oh no, I see
a spiderweb is tangled up with me
and I lost my head
and thought of all the stupid things I'd said

oh no, what's this
a spiderweb and I'm caught in the middle
and I turned to run
and thought of all the stupid things I'd done

And I never meant to cause you trouble
and I never never meant to do you wrong
ah, well if I ever caused you trouble
then, oh no I never meant to do you harm

oh no, I see
a spiderweb and it's me in the middle
so I twist and turn
but here am I in my little bubble

just singing, and I never meant to cause you trouble
and I never meant to do you wrong
oh I am singing, well if I ever caused you trouble
well, oh no, I never meant to do you harm

Pilate - Melt Into Your Walls

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - So In Love

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Daft Punk - Da Funk

Men who are on my "Most Sexy Men Alive" section. No particular order.

                                                      Canadian rocker, Sam Roberts

                                                                                                                  Actor / Aaron Eckhart


                                                                             The Man

                                                                                                 James Franko

That's some. I'm tired... be continued.

Train - Drive By ...I'm not a stalker...I just think he's probably the best looking man I have ever seen. That's it. One of them. :D

                ...simple as Marlon pie.

Panic! At The Disco: I Write Sins Not Tragedies [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Fun.: Some Nights [OFFICIAL VIDEO] 
    ...just playin' around. :D

Randy VanWarmer - Just When I Needed You Most español ingles

               Everything packed in one video... :D

Shannon- Henry Gross

1990s Retro Pop Culture Fashion from Designer Jeremy Scott

Cool Change Little River Band

REMINISCING, The Little River Band

Muse Madness Lyrics


Billy Joel - Pressure

The Face / Feb.26, 2013

Last night's "The Face", was shocking. I was surprised to see Marlee Nichols from Team Coco leave. Like I have mentioned before, I understand why she made the choice to leave. There are some models who just don't get caught up. Their priorities never change. Family first... and I admire that. That being said, I believe if you chose to enter this industry, have tough skin. You will be pulled apart, torn, crumpled up, nourished, praised and then slammed many times over. This industry can be destructive, and if you let it, it will take you down.

Then there are models like Coco. I believe she became a success, not only based on her looks (which is clearly obvious), but it is her personality that keeps her on top. Everyone wants to work with her!  To let Marlee leave last night, was not only praiseworthy, but uttered who Coco is... a woman with empathy and compassion even though it will knowingly put her in a more vulnerable position regarding the competition. That speaks volumes! Can you imagine if Marlee was on Naomi's team?

I am afraid that Naomi might instill her beliefs in her models. She has the knowledge of surviving in this industry, of course, but I have to wonder what else she is teaching these girls? She's nasty, but I guess she has to.

I have to give Naomi props for saying that NO ONE can win her over by pulling on her heart strings. I totally agree. When you are up for elimination, you do not try to win by stating your sob story about the struggles in your life. It is a modeling competition. Tell them why you want to be a model! C'mon girls, seriously. Serously?

I have to say, I love this show. It's different, and doesn't focus on cat fights like other modeling competitions, (ie: TYRA). It's just BANG! Next...BANG!...and then a little taste of the whiny girls who can't handle losing. Seriously that girl from Team Karolina, GET OVER YOURSELF! Too commercial, in my eye and her I wouldn't work with her! RED FLAG! Can you believe what she was contesting? I had to laugh. No thanks.

I am always behind TEAM Coco. I still like Stephanie and I have to admit, I love the Chinese model from Team Naomi. She's stunning, with a special composure about her. Hmmm....?
BUT, it is Stephanie. Even though she has been in the bottom a few times. What do you expect, if you have never modeled professionally before? She has something different to offer, and she listens and applies.

GO TEAM COCO and Stephanie. <3

The Who - Behind Blue Eyes (Original Version)

Wham! - Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do?)

Italian Day - Carnevale Di Venezia 2013
Public · By Italian Day
June 9, 2013
12:00pm until 8:00pm
For Italian Day 2013, the Italian Day Festival Society is excited to bring 'a first' in the form of a street festival to the city of Vancouver: the world famous 'Carnevale di Venezia', when the event's 'dolce vita' signature extends itself to Venice. In the heart of Vancouver's Little Italy, The Drive will come alive 'Venetian style' with masks, costumes, street entertainers, music, food, fashion, contests and more!

Italian Day on The Drive embraces everything that is Italian: food, music, fashion, dance, art, sport, history and community.

Commercial Drive, Vancouver, British Columbia

Vintage Fashion Show Presented by Value Village / Eco Fashion Week


Keep The Music Playing Fashion Show / March 6, 7:00pm


Claude Duke is more than pleased to extend an invitation to a Fundraiser Fashion Show/Dance called "Keep the Music Playing” at “The Floata Restaurant" at 88 Keefer on March 6th, at 7 p.m. featuring the fashions of “Ego Closet” along with the Bikini Line of Brazilian Designer Dorinha , Make Up by Vanessa Kuan's team and Hair by Euphoria Hair Salon. Featuring a 15 models, and a 50/50 Super Draw. The Music of Pan Flutist Extraordinaire Edgar Muenala….a night full excitement with sounds of Dj Gary Pizarro fo...r salsa , Hip Hop and whatever the night calls for….
The Fashion community is pulling together for this great cause….

Doors Open for Dinner and Drinks at 6 pm, Show Time 7pm.

This a humanitarian effort to help Luis Alberto Echavarria, the Cuban Musician who lost his means of creativity when his house was ransacked and his beloved computer that I brought for him 3 years ago was stolen. Through the computer he was able to start a new chapter in his life, recording his music and helping other musicians as well. Knowing the hardship of the Cuban economy, it would take years for him to recoup enough to obtain this equipment and be able to continue with this tool of expression.

Looking forward to see you there

Claude Duke

Dolly Parton - Jolene 19880110 / "Arisha Kriukova by Fernando Gomez for Vogue Ukraine May 2017" ~ / https:// /arisha-kriukova-by-fernando-gomez-for-vogue-ukraine-may-2017/5/ "...