Friday, December 30, 2016

Runway Icons | Coco Rocha / My favourite model....Coco Rocha ( Vancouver ) ~
 I just love this particular model. Yes, I love that she happens to come from the town I grew up, but she does great things, too. #Inspirational.  Coco Rocha appears to be real to me. No "shi-shi poo poo", sense of entitlement. That is enormously ugly. You can tell through her work that she is passionate, and a perfect ambassador for all models out there. Don't be #idle; WORK! 
...only YOU can provide that. I truly believe that, now.
*this image was taken from Facebook.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tegan and Sara - I Was A Fool [OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO] / What we have to look forward to for 2018! "TREND FORECASTING" ~
"Trend Council is a fashion trend forecasting company who delivers expert analysis and design inspirations. Their team provides a great wealth of consulting services for all your company's design needs. Trend Council focuses on the Ladies, Juniors, Mens, Young Mens and Active markets."

I love trends, or rather I am really fascinated with forecasting. Often times people ask how to become a #TrendForcaster, or if there is a course you can take at night, etc.. It's not that easy. It takes a lot of work and requires an extensive amount of research. You can't learn it precisely, in just ONE course. I am aware many fashion courses touches on this subject but do your own research and learn about what you will be up for. It's a skill, one I will never quite understand...fully, but it is fascinating. 
From a distance it appears as a "guess", or you need some psychic abilities, but it most certainly is NOT!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Amii Stewart - Knock On Wood [1979] (Original Music Video from DVD source) / Shop at "Luxury and Vintage Madrid" ...oh! Amy Stewart was my FIRST 45" I purchased on my own for this very song. LOL!
Merry Christmas.
A few of my favourite things...

During a time of, "giving", I still chose my favourites! 
It's about the blog. It's not like I purchased ANY of these...(sarcasm)...

I just had to look! #vintage...apparently. :D

...and if you are a vintage or second hand shopper, like myself at times. WE ALL know there are gems out there. TAKE A CHANCE!

 Here I just want to be able to wear the shirts.. sans the bow tie, with a pair of dress slacks, on those days. ;) ..try an ascot! ...or a flower. #personalize
...not  fan of dressing up. You can look chic without having to wear the  'traditional ', now.
 I believe so.

 This is just a nice piece of "bling" for a more somber, but edgy look. #Urbanize !

 For me, this angle isn't very flattering, although simple is good! The, 'men's pencil pant', ( I like to call it ), is actually very chic and MUST be tailored to fit #YOU.  Unless you are special and can buy "Off the rack".

Have never worn one and am so open to try it. 
These colours are cool! #BEcreative 

Saturday, December 24, 2016

What is Christmas? me. / AURORA - Runaway ...image

What is Christmas? 
To me it's about family and a celebration of the birth of Christ. I can't say I am a very religious man, although I do pray, I do believe in a higher power of which I call, "My God". 
I am celebrating a God that is all about unconditional love. NO GOOD God sets rules. No good God tells you who, what, where and how to live your life. My God is about loving all, regardless on who, what, where and how one conducts their lives. All is special. NO CONDITIONS. 

It's the people who created the God they want. It's sad because 'their' God, is so angry, or unhappy with us.

Something to think about....

Well, Happy Christmas! That's how we say it back home. Happy Holidays, and love with conviction and without borders. I don't think your God would be happy, otherwise. 

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Monday, December 19, 2016

Words that came out of my mouth at this moment 7:16 pm...Thank you.

Just some of my words. I never express a lot on my blog...about me, or may be I do. It's actually all about me. 

The great thing about having a blog is that you can say what you feel and do what you love. It's really not about money or fame, not for me. Really. 
I have a little social anxiety, and believe me, this is not the arena for people who have this condition. That's why it's always a challenge to commit. I post my audience stats at times to show that I am proud of myself and that I'm still alive. Even if it's just people clicking on my blog and leaving immediately. I simply am just proud to know that others enjoy what I enjoy. I know it's not for everyone, but it's a good feeling...'acceptance'.

I am weak in this department as I find it difficult to find a place for me. A place where I want to stay. So seeing high numbers makes me smile. I want to stay here. I feel like I have you with me, you know? ...for a moment. I am fully aware of what my blog represents, and simple is good for me. One day things will change, yet again...that's how it goes!

You can see I am all over the place! So random in every way. Again, that is me. I obviously live for music and fashion, but I also enjoy photography, but probably not in the conventional way, or that way that everyone seems to think I am. I love taking pictures, when I feel like it. That is what is awesome by having people who respect me within my spirit. world. I just go with what I see at the time, and feel what I feel at that moment. I just go for the now. #Mindfulness

So every once and awhile I do get comments...never good, which I totally understand. I often think people don't know how much I do know. It has nothing to do with my blog. #angry #jealousy #cruel #knowbodyknows

As another year comes to an end, I just wanted to thank all of you who have stopped by and the 40 of you who decided to keep me...that's cool. 
It's been one of the most challenging year of my life to date. Too much loss, and then so much abundance in the greatest ways possible! I'm often told I'm too nice. Well, good. Again, that's me.
Life is good.

That's all...and again, thanks.
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1,642,546   !!!! #grateful

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Beyoncé - All Night / Dries Van Noten Fall 2016 ...and show.

I was introduced to Dries Van Noten in the early 90's and I have been a fan ever since. I believe this house has always been a step ahead than most designers who take a modern approach to fashion. 
In Vancouver it has been colder than usual...colder than Toronto, at the moment, so I decided to re-post this. Toasty, warm with style and sophistication. I really appreciate the clever cuts of the jackets and shorts! #Urban ...a #twist of the classics. 
I chose my favourite looks from this collection.

Here are my... 

                   " My Top 23 Favourite Looks "

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

David Bowie - Blackstar / LuvnGrace/Luvafair Presents BOWIE-Glamball & 70th Birthday Bash Interested Share Public · Hosted by Vernard Lg Goud

Public · Hosted by Vernard Lg Goud

Since 2008 LuvnGraces Bowie-GlamBall has been Vancouver's first & longest running Exclusive & Ultimate Homage to all things Bowie and has been advertised on Bowie Official Website aka Bowienet many times. Even the great Bowie always knew about our event in Vancouver!

Rock's greatest chameleon, shape shifter, fashion icon, provocateur & hero David Bowie sadly passed away earlier this year on January 10 after his secret 18 month long battle with cancer. No solo artist in popular music has had Bowie's seismic influence on pop culture & society this side of Presley. Without Bowie-- there would not have been New Wave, Madonna, Postpunk, Goth,
Luvafair, Graceland, Androgyny, GaGa, Nine Inch Nails, Clubkidz... the list is endless. This evening -- January 7 ( 3 hours before on what would have been his 70th Birthday on January 8 at midnight. Come dressed up as Bowie if you YOU or a character.......Dance the night away with Bowie played all night. We will have DJ LIZZY spinning Bowie and Bowie influenced music all night, Vancouvers legendary I, Braineater aka Jimmy Cummins will have a surprise for us and last but least the amazing designer Becky Zubel and her label Trash Lingerie will be presenting a Bowie inspired Fashionshow!

Tickets in advance only. $10. Available now through E-transfer at or contact me at the same email address.





Vancouver's official Bowie-GlamBall Music includes

Changes, Ziggy Stardust, Moonage Daydream, Lady Stardust, Fame, Rebel Rebel, Suffragette City, TVC 15, Jean Genie, Life on Mars, Queen Bitch, Ashes To Ashes, Fashion, DJ, Boys Keep Swinging, John, I'm only dancing, Hallo Spaceboy, Im Afraid of Americans, Heathen, New Killer Star, Lazarus, Blackstar, Lets Dance, Blue Jean, Next Day etc.

-and ofcourse some of Bowie's friends and followers will be filled in the mix most of :
Iggy Pop
New York Dolls
Roxy Music
Dresden Dolls
The Killers
Roisin Murphy
Lady GaGa
Semi Precious Weapons
Franz Ferdinand
Soft Cell
The Smiths
Psychedelic Furs
Scissor Sisters
Peter Schilling
Fad Gadget
Joy Division

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Grimes - Be A Body (侘寂-30%) ..Vancouver artist. :D / Oscar de la Renta Pre-Fall 2017

Oscar de la Renta Pre-Fall 2017
By now you may seen a trend on lengthy skirts and dresses; here, you will see a collection of a variety of versions! Quite beautiful, actually. Some cultural, some romantic, sexy, luxurious, earthy, and heritage. I see, "de la Renta" in many of the looks....and then sometimes...not so much. I don't know, my thoughts. 
A touch of everything, I suppose?

Here are my favourite looks from the images provided from the, Pre-fall 2017 Collection.

    And that would be it. Its just a sneeek peek, so it seems pretty random. :D ...don't forget click it, to see it all!

Monday, December 5, 2016

New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle Music Video / RAMONA ESCHBACH FOR NUMERO HOMME October 18, 2016Kento Spanos

I only have a few male friends that always 'get's it'; so when one of closest friends introduced me to this site, I was elated! I sincerely respect his sense of personal style, respect for fashion, design, art and architecture.

 " Hair Stylist Ramona Eschbach for Numero Homme Fall/Winter 2016. Photography by Jean-Baptiste Mondino. "

Here are my favourite looks from the one's presented. 
Note there are multiple designers. :D

 ...and then that's all! This blog is very #cool. Check the link. Thanks, David!

Dolly Parton - Jolene 19880110 / "Arisha Kriukova by Fernando Gomez for Vogue Ukraine May 2017" ~ / https:// /arisha-kriukova-by-fernando-gomez-for-vogue-ukraine-may-2017/5/ "...