Friday, June 30, 2017

Drake - Passionfruit / Meet the Hannibal Lecter of Fashion: Sruli Recht ~ “I was once asked to make pendant earrings out of someone’s testicles.” By Keith Estile ~

"Meet the Hannibal Lecter of Fashion: Sruli Recht"

“I was once asked to make pendant earrings out of someone’s testicles.”
"Innovation and controversy seem to go hand-in-hand with your creations. What are your motivations behind the unconventional designs you produce?"
"It’s probably easier to describe it more as reactions than motivations. I react to things, temporal or physical. And those reactions spark ideas which most often become objects as defined by narrative. We are all very sensitive to the world – time, people, objects, temperature… and so, constant reactions, because we are always flanked by those catalysts. Paying attention to how you react to them is the key.

Design is entertainment, and designers are entertainers. What appeals to us, appeals to us because of the story it is telling. These stories in the collections, they are in a sense autobiographical. The themes have a basis in something that was happening around me at the time.

When I get into a particular mood, I write the story poetry before beginning the collection design, and pull the characters and palettes from that. The prose informs the collection development in every way, from texture through to the construction features and up to the runway presentation. "

Personally, some of those organic pieces grossed me out...just a little bit AND, I am a fan. I can't help but have a great deal of respect for artists who really step out of the box...especially when they aspire you!
 The pieces I seem to have chosen to share from this interesting interview, are like showcase art pieces. 
Have a look at the link. Details, and a fascinating collection! #Future #Modern #raw #hairy #organic #fashion
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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

DJ Khaled - Wild Thoughts ft. Rihanna, Bryson Tiller / Partager« Street style à la Fashion Week homme automne-hiver 2017-2018 de Paris » ~

"Partager« Street style à la Fashion Week homme automne-hiver 2017-2018 de Paris »"

I am influenced by people I see on the street. I like to say my person style is a combination of many looks that inspire my style today. 

One day I hope to take pictures all over the world JUST DOING THAT. It doesn't matter to me that it's, "SO DONE", but I believe it will always be a favourite to many. This is the BEST way to meet people while visiting their countries. 

The looks and images that inspired me.
 I really like this look.

 I really like this look.

 You can tell when it's personality vs. FOE SHOW! This is an 'appreciated' mess.

 I'm still looking for that perfect hat.


 See...I like white shoes on other people, just not me.

 Colour, construction, size and fabric equals the perfect sweatshirt. #COMFY #CRUNCHY #COTTON

 COLD TIMES! Love it. #inspired

 ...taking a break?

 Style for life.?

 Great shot.

 ...another fantastic shot.

 Chic and sophisticated.


 This #Champion hoodie is sick! Is real?

 Easy and simple. Like it was the first outfit he picked out.

 Would never wear it, but it is cool.



It's sometimes a challenge to 'bundle up' and still look stylish. This is a good example of a person who knows his fashion while still keeping warm and cozy. Nice shoes!




Grace - You Don't Own Me ft. G-Eazy / EDITORIAL: LEO ELLER FOR GQ CHINA


"Stylist Jojo Qian features smart ensembles with an air of rugged adventure. Here, covetable sweaters, slim-fit trousers, sports coats, and more come together. The fashion spread features the military-inspired field jacket and other strong pieces from brands such as Saint Laurent..."

 I don't know what it is but since living in Toronto like, almost 14 years ago (...really?!) , I have become quite the "loner", some would say.
 Introverted- extrovert.
I just have trouble following 'rules'. I HATE HAVING TO BE SOMEWHERE. Especially when sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge. Most of my closest friends know this about me. It's selfish and I am working on it, but very slowly. time. GOOD time.

I love to travel, and I am loving these new resort shows. I just love beautiful things and then I go to the polar opposite and really admire the modern collections. I always believed that simple IS MORE!

Anyway, these editorials take me music. 
I think of the past and how blessed I was to have travelled to so many places, places I would never have gone to before. I truly am so blessed when I follow my heart. 
JUST DO IT! It works!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Virginia To Vegas - Selfish / “Conscious Uncoupling” – A Collaborative Fashion Editorial Celebrating Women’s History Month / Let's talk RELATIONSHIPS

" “Conscious Uncoupling” – A Collaborative Fashion Editorial Celebrating Women’s History Month"~By BellaNaija Style

"This editorial is a fashion photo series created to celebrate Women’s History Month and to depict the way women are currently treated in the society."
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I want to talk about relationships.

I have always wanted one. I would go on my "walks" and see these couples so happy and comfortable all huggy and kissy.... Almost appears as though they have it all! I'm speaking of both hetero and gay couples. 
I wanted that.

It's been so many years since my last relationship. In fact, so long that I can't even remember the year we broke this moment. It was short but sweet as he was an exceptional boyfriend and friend.
Ever since...NADA? 

I am now reaching my 50th and sometimes I feel like I am losing time but now I think not.

I like my life now. 
FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME, in a long time, I can say that my mind is free of contaminants. 
I have no drama in my life at this moment and I feel strange. It just hasn't really been this way since I was in high school. 
This is good.

My new out look is that I feel a relationship is no longer in the plans. I believe in destiny. If it happens, it happens! Those seem to be the most successful connections.

Now that's what sucks. 
There are days and nights I wish I had a companion to share my days and mostly my nights watching movies.
 I miss hugs, cuddling, having conversation, cooking, kissing...connecting. It's true. 
Nila, my dog, fills that gap ...but I have instigate the hug...and it's not the same. Lol. I carry her like a baby even though she hates it. I just want her to get used to being carried and hugged. ;)

This is why I sometimes feel like I'm panicking, and then I remember I have the BEST of friends ad I'll be okay.
SO....are we in a world of cyber dating? I don't even like saying that. It sounds funny. Do I have go on  GRINDER now? I am on Plenty of Fish, but I am obviously not that into it because until this day, I can not remember when I was last online. 
What does that mean?

I guess I just want someone to just cuddle and hug with...
OR I can grind my way through "GRINDER" thanks. No judgment because I know of some people who have successfully met the ONE on this app. AND to each their own. Kudos to you guys.
I just thought it was ONLY for sex because that's what I see from my friends. I find it a litte creepy, especially when you are told that they are 20 metres away! WHAT!? Yikes.
#WIMPY and #AFRAID...but never a #PRUDE!

Things are good, and I am happy.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

George Michael - Kissing a Fool lyrics / Just some words...and a show... / Valentino | Spring Summer 2018 Full Fashion Show | Menswear

So it's been a while.

I decided to make some life changes that I would like to call, life "torks". So I just dove into it. I don't know if you all know that I am also a Dental Assistant and I decided to challenge my skills with #orthodontics. A challenge that was unexpected for me.
 I like to say that I take pride in my clinical skills, well... I was humbled. I was put in my place. It was something very different and sometimes very familiar to me. Regardless I LEARNED A LOT! I did okay, but I can not say my very best...and that's okay.

I made it, it took a bit but I made it. I passed the clinical portion. 
Tomorrow will be the defining day. I have to admit, this waiting has been like this...
 little bursts of anxiety daily. Like a roller coaster on good days. 

ANGELS. GODS. with me. 

My aunt, who lives in Las Vegas died. 
She was one of my favourite aunts, but I'm not sure if she really knew that. :( 
Unfortunately I did not keep in touch as I had wished to. I was selfish and I missed out on a couple years. I have learned again through this tragic experience. 
Full of life, is the last I can describe of her when I last saw her. That woman can make me laugh so damned hard, and she was a huge fan of my humour too. I will never forget that. I can make that woman laugh and I love that I able to do that,  that I have. 
When I was at my lowest, my aunt and uncle sent me my first professional camera. A Sony DSLR. It changed my life. That is when I began taking photos of strangers on the street, and "Frock Of Ages" was born. 
I am grateful, Tita Rosie.
I used to take pictures of people with great style. I was pretty slack those days. I hope one day I will the courage to do that again. 
It was fun.

It was also the death Anniversary of a GREAT friend. One who taught me so much in such little time. One who impacted my life in such a positive way that I can only be thankful for. All he has shared with me is now excercised within me, and has madde me a better person.
 He was lost too soon, and yes Anton, I wish I had met you sooner, also.

So my mind has settled and I can now teach myself to relax. It's time to chill it. 
Let it relax. Let it just do what it wants to BE. 

(Today is my Moms birthday. It was perfect, just like her.)


Anyway, I felt like I had to let it out, and this is mine so...why not?

I'm not going to force any of my new views in life on you, my friends. I will say something, make the effort to FULLY accept who you are... mind, body and soul. Love yourself first, it is NOT selfish. Those who say so do not understand what that phrase means. You will begin to see beautiful things and feel so much lighter when you begin to accept forgiveness. 
HAPPINESS. Mindfulness

Enough said.

Peace and JOY

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Poison-Every Rose Has Its Thorn / FALL 2017 READY-TO-WEAR Saint Laurent

"To anyone familiar with the shows that the young Italo-Belgian designer used to do under his own name, this one wasn’t wildly different, just staged at the kind of maximum volume level that’s required for a brand of this magnitude. "Saint Laurent"
It's always exciting to see what's new when it comes to the "House of St.Laurent". I believe Anthony Vaccarello, the new head designer of St.Laurent took over since April of last year, was able to sustain it's sexy image and even up the ante focusing on details and impeccable tailoring! Obviously the shoulders and arms where a focus in this collection. (I love that!), ...and so where those scrunch boots!  I got a little tired of them eventually, I'll have to admit, and then suddenly I love them again! I think if it works with the 'look', then it was a yes! A HUGE ONE! Lot's of glam and fun!Obviously the 'black collection', like all "black collections", was my favourite!

 I think that's a brilliant idea. (below)

...a bit suburban, but I like it. (below)

                                        F A N T A S T I C !

 I posted this not necessarily for the styling but more so for the boots! Have a look at the detail, I just love it. (below)

                         I love this very much.

                          Fantastic tailoring!
                                   ...looks I would wear!

 I love the low rise pant with the thick waistband.

 I know a lot of you hate fur. I FULLY understand, BUT I however, like fur. I LIKE to think this is faux, however I HIGHLY doubt it. Therefore I WILL believe it was ethically chosen for this purpose. Thank you. 


 Sensational! I may have shortened the shorts about at least 3 inches ! I'm not creepy, I just think the proportion is off. Just me...



...go to work...loose the boots though!

                      I like a little drama... in fashion!



This is sensational. Just enough detail. Simple construction but powerful impact! #Ubertailor

    Appreciate the pairing! Love that! #DENIM!

I'd wear this and I'll tell you why. It FITS! ...and I don't mind a little "GLITZ", if I HAVE to dress up. (below) ;)

I would TOTALLY wear this! First I would pick a a white ripped used tee. If that is sequined underwear...I would pass on those. To each their own. #BeyourOWN #YOURSELFisMOSTBEAUTIFUL

    #WOW #Shoulders #Construction #Tailoring

    Love it! #Jumper #Sweater #Cableknit #Shimmer #bling

Simple and a show stopper. Impecapple tailoring makes all nthe difference...and choice of fabrics. Pick your own, and not your nose in the car when waiting for the light to change.

Dolly Parton - Jolene 19880110 / "Arisha Kriukova by Fernando Gomez for Vogue Ukraine May 2017" ~ / https:// /arisha-kriukova-by-fernando-gomez-for-vogue-ukraine-may-2017/5/ "...