Saturday, June 10, 2017

Poison-Every Rose Has Its Thorn / FALL 2017 READY-TO-WEAR Saint Laurent

"To anyone familiar with the shows that the young Italo-Belgian designer used to do under his own name, this one wasn’t wildly different, just staged at the kind of maximum volume level that’s required for a brand of this magnitude. "Saint Laurent"
It's always exciting to see what's new when it comes to the "House of St.Laurent". I believe Anthony Vaccarello, the new head designer of St.Laurent took over since April of last year, was able to sustain it's sexy image and even up the ante focusing on details and impeccable tailoring! Obviously the shoulders and arms where a focus in this collection. (I love that!), ...and so where those scrunch boots!  I got a little tired of them eventually, I'll have to admit, and then suddenly I love them again! I think if it works with the 'look', then it was a yes! A HUGE ONE! Lot's of glam and fun!Obviously the 'black collection', like all "black collections", was my favourite!

 I think that's a brilliant idea. (below)

...a bit suburban, but I like it. (below)

                                        F A N T A S T I C !

 I posted this not necessarily for the styling but more so for the boots! Have a look at the detail, I just love it. (below)

                         I love this very much.

                          Fantastic tailoring!
                                   ...looks I would wear!

 I love the low rise pant with the thick waistband.

 I know a lot of you hate fur. I FULLY understand, BUT I however, like fur. I LIKE to think this is faux, however I HIGHLY doubt it. Therefore I WILL believe it was ethically chosen for this purpose. Thank you. 


 Sensational! I may have shortened the shorts about at least 3 inches ! I'm not creepy, I just think the proportion is off. Just me...



...go to work...loose the boots though!

                      I like a little drama... in fashion!



This is sensational. Just enough detail. Simple construction but powerful impact! #Ubertailor

    Appreciate the pairing! Love that! #DENIM!

I'd wear this and I'll tell you why. It FITS! ...and I don't mind a little "GLITZ", if I HAVE to dress up. (below) ;)

I would TOTALLY wear this! First I would pick a a white ripped used tee. If that is sequined underwear...I would pass on those. To each their own. #BeyourOWN #YOURSELFisMOSTBEAUTIFUL

    #WOW #Shoulders #Construction #Tailoring

    Love it! #Jumper #Sweater #Cableknit #Shimmer #bling

Simple and a show stopper. Impecapple tailoring makes all nthe difference...and choice of fabrics. Pick your own, and not your nose in the car when waiting for the light to change.

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