Saturday, July 8, 2017

Muse - Madness / JUUN.J . Fall 2017 Menswear PARIS /
Fall 2017 Menswear
Juun.J's decidedly modern approach to design is deeply rooted in his masterly knowledge in classic tailoring where he shatters old notions to create new silhouettes. Largely inspired by youth and street culture Juun.J aptly calls this 'Street Tailoring'.~ (

 Any collections inspired by the 'cool factor' from individualty out in the streets, usually produces a collection I can relate to. 
As I do respect and appreciate the classic looks for men and women, I think we all can't help but be a little political. 
WE ALL KNOW there are things going on in the world that is just plain CRAZY. I believe people want to express themselves through whatever medium they choose. Here, it is fashion. I feel the anger and destruction of having to BE what THEY want us to #BE.

Very CHIC and I can't help but love ALL THAT DANGLES! #straps and #belts... #myfavourites

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